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Awards! -11/26/2012-

Posted on Mon Nov 26th, 2012 @ 12:57pm by Commodore Joe Rhimer

Captain's Merit -
Ethan Hunt - You've been dropping hooks my way left and right! I don't even know what to do with all of the ideas and plot points you've given me, but count on it... they'll be back to bite you :D Thanks for giving as much as you get!

XO's Merit -
Serabe Kora - I'm so very pleased to see you diving into the duties of the CMO. You shown not only remarkable compassion, but a rich and deep background for Serabe that I look forward to seeing plumbed and evolved in the future.

Player's Choice Award -
An unprecedented event in my experience running SIMs... we have a TIE for Crew's choice this month! That award will be going to both Ethan Cain AND Brian Pershing! This one went all the way to me and Kitty (the player) for a tie breaker and we STILL couldn't break it :D Well done guys!

Other Awards:

Kitty - Delve Deeper - I loved the Wager post this month! It was great! It's really easy to lose the players who AREN'T on the away missions, and you did a great job of not only keeping them involved, but adding depth to what was going on in the back ground as well!

Mike C - Newcomer Award - You certain know how to start off with a bang! I have greatly enjoyed your introduction of Tanner, and I can't wait to see his character develop further. Thanks for helping to make our SIM great!

Harper - Character Development - Well look at that, our class clown has a serious side after all! Not to mention a dark past and a few things that could come back to haunt him! You've done a great job of fleshing out Ethan and making sure he doesn't become the comic relief. Kudos!

Rob - Helping Hand - I think it's safe to say that Cor prevented a melt down from Kitty Fox that could have left her in a worse mess than she started. Your characters intervention helped another character on a deeply emotional level and it didn't go unnoticed! Thanks!

Sean - Friendship Award - The friendship budding (or rebudding, as it were) between Kitty and Cor is emotional and tender and very believable. Thanks for writing such a great subplot!

Lert - Character Development - We put MuRiel in a tough situation this month, and she shined. You proved that not only is she a fun character, she's a capable one as well. Well done!

Joy - Heart of Gold - For showing the information brokers wife compassion, and ushering her into the afterlife with something resembling peace of mind. Well done, Joy.

Paul - Literary Excellence - Your writing always shines, Paul. It's filled with flair and rich in description. Thanks so much for always giving that back into the game! Excellent Job!


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