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Awards! -1/1/2013-

Posted on Tue Jan 1st, 2013 @ 7:17am by Commodore Joe Rhimer

Captain's Merit - Serabe Kora - Joy, you've done a fantastic job this month, not only fleshing out Serabe as a character, but also working to help further the plot and help us wrap this mission. Thank you so much for your contributions!

XO's Merit - Cor Cordale - For outstanding service and dedication to your fellow crew members during a harrowing adventure. You truly shown brightly this month!

Player's Choice Award - MuRiel - Congratulations! The crew has spoken and you are the Crew's choice for December 2012!

Other Awards:

NOTE: All players were awarded the Mission Star for the successful completion of one mission aboard the USS Nicholson! Thanks for playing, guys! The ship wouldn't be the ship it is without you!

Kitty - Exemplary Courage - Ship was dark, Romulans armed to the teeth everywhere, and Ila goes crawling through the Jefferies tubes. She showed a remarkable amount of courage this mission, in the face of overwhelming odds. Well done!

Mike C - Treknobabble Citation - Mike, throughout the mission you've done an awesome job of sounding convincing while you're spewnig scifi bullshit! And that is a talent indeed! Your treknobabble has been firmly based in reality, then sent of into fantasy, making your posts fun to read and engaging. Well done, sir!

Harper - Purple Heart - Cuz... OUCH!

Rob - Character Development Award - It may seem odd that I'm giving you this, in lieu of a purple heart for losing your arm. The reason for that is what a big piece of character development it is for Cor. Well done for playing the big cards so readily! I'm excited to see how Cor deals with it.

Sean - Sorry, no activity since the last batch of awards! Come baaaack!

Lert - NPC Award - Sophie Lancaster is a fun character, and in just a few short scenes, you established a quirky, lovable personality for her. Well done!

Joy - S.D Perry Award of Excellence - Your writing has been outstanding this month, Joy! Good job :)

Paul - Purple Heart - Cuz... well... OUCH!


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