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Awards - Jan & Feb 2013

Posted on Sun Mar 10th, 2013 @ 8:38am by Commodore Joe Rhimer

Captain's Merit -

JANUARY: Serabe Kora - Joy has shown me a great deal of awesomness, not only in defining her character this month, but also in posting some very compelling stuff! Kudos to her!

FEBRUARY: Shya Karn - You came in with a bang this month and you really knocked it out of the park! Thank you so much for your contributions to the SIM already, and I can't wait to see what's in store. Unorthodox medicine is exactly what this unorthodox crew needs!

XO's Merit -
JANUARY: Cor Cordale - I hearby nominate Cor Cordale, for once again being a posting demon and in general being the most gnarly furry around.

FEBRUARY: Brandon Bragg - Bragg came in with a bang, and he's kept up the pace. Good job.

Player's Choice Award -
JANUARY: Cor Cordale - Congrats! The crew has spoken!

FEBRUARY: Shya Karn - Congrats! The crew has spoken!

Other Awards:

Kitty -
JANUARY - NPC Award - I love Belle. She makes me happy on levels that I can't even begin to explain :) Thank you for writing such an awesome character!
FEBRUARY - Antagonist Award - I like Chur. That is all :D

Rob -
JANUARY - Character Development Award - You've done amazing things with Cor, using not only the loss of his arm but also the creation of his new one to grow him.
FEBRUARY - Character Development Award - I'm not usually big on giving the same award twice in a row, but you've been excelling at this one lately, now using the Counselor to continue to show Cor's personality and flaws. Keep it up!

Lert -
JANUARY - Character Development Award - You've just kept on keeping on with your development of Muriel, allowing her to grow into a really lovable, relatable character, which is hard when you're playing a sentient Chinchilla :D
FEBRUARY - Funny Bones Award - Your post with M'Erth was fantastic! I loved it :D

Joy -
JANUARY - Helping Hand Award - Throughout this month you made Serabe shiiiine. She's been a doctor just like a doctor should be, reaching out and helping people beyond the call of duty.
FEBRUARY - No post! Shame on ya! I see that you've already started this month off right, so next time ;)

Paul -
JANUARY - Character Development Award - I love how human you've been making Pershing. He comes off as aloof and unapproachable, but then you give him a heart and soul. I approve!
FEBRUARY - Funny Bones Award - Your post with our new counselor in the shooting range was HILARIOUS to read. I loved it :D Well done!

Heather -
FEBRUARY - New Comer Award - I was torn with which award to give you this month, but I think this one sort of covers it all. You've hit the ship running, and established a quirky and engaging character. Thank you for that!

David -
FEBRUARY - New Comer Award - Same with you! So many things to say good job for. New Comer is the most all encompassing! You've already given Bragg a laundry list of things to play with in the future, as well as hitting the ship with a bang! Looking forward to seeing more out of you :D


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