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Posted on Sun Oct 28th, 2012 @ 4:30pm by Commodore Joe Rhimer

Captain's Merit -
Cor Cordale - For going above and beyond this month. Not only reviving a character that I loved before, but also breaking out and helping the SIM to stay active while I was working on Command Academy. You sir, are the man!

XO's Merit -
MuRiel - For approaching several other players to write right out of the bag. Players like you help keep a ship running.
Ethan Cain - For breaking the bag before you got out of it. Great intro, bro.

Player's Choice Award -
Cor Cordale - The crew has spoken! You were their favorite crew member in and out of character this month. Congratulations!

Other Awards:

All players who have posted by 10/23/2012 of this month will receive the S.D. Perry Award of Excellence for writing. You've all shown me that you're amazing writers and you deserve it. This won't be a blanket award in the future, but I truly felt that all of you broke out with some amazing posts, and some truly spectacular writing!

Kitty - NPC Award - Never before has an NPC Award gone to a living meatloaf. I love Wog! I'm sure he'll stir up all manner of hell on the Nick!

Mike C - Sorry mate, didn't quite get on soon enough to have awards this month, but I'm sure next month you'll see some!

Harper - Funny Bones - Your posts were amusing and left us grinning every time. I can't wait to read more!

Rob - Treknobabble Citation - You do a fantastic job of combining real-world tech with trek-tech in a believable fashion. Well done!
Post Master - Second only to your fearless CO with 11 posts this month alone. Thanks so much for your hard work!

Sean - Character Development Award - The last time I saw Kitty, she was fairly straight forward. In this rendition, you've taken that normal Kitty and amped her up, adding facets that no one saw coming. I approve! Well done, Sean :)

Lert - Character Development Award - I must admit, when I saw the MuRiel character bio, I wasn't sure what you were going to do with her. You've impressed me so far! I love it :)

Joy - Shades of Gray - With your character you've taken a race (the Bajorans) that are typically depicted as harsh or cold, and given them a gentler edge, while still leaving her capable. By introducing the Cardassian Child element, you've added even more depth to the character. Thank you!

Paul - T'Pol Dramatic Tension Award - Pershing and Rhimer, Marines v. Cor. You've already shown an amazing knack for stirring up trouble in all the right places. Keep it up!


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