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SIM Update

Posted on Fri Nov 16th, 2012 @ 7:30pm by Commodore Joe Rhimer

Hi all!

There's been exciting changes for the Nicholson here in Pegasus Fleet!

First and foremost, we are now a SIM 18+ game, so feel free to write with as much gusto as you'd like. Remember, SIM 18+ is not a blanket excuse for gore and sex content, it simply gives us a little more leeway in what we can write. We're now rated R, not NC-17 ;)

Also of note: Your friendly neighborhood Rhimer is now the TGCO of Task Group Argonaut in TF11. I'm really proud of our ship, and we're definitely standing out as a flagship should. Keep up the good work, guys, and let's show the rest of the TG what it means to be a Pegasus Fleet SIM!

You guys are rocking my world on the posts lately, keep it up!

Have a good one!
-Cap'n Joe


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Category: Sim Announcement


Comments (1)

by Lieutenant JG Ethan Cain on Mon Nov 19th, 2012 @ 3:52am

If I recall correctly, I also saw a post on the fleet forums about you being named Deputy Directer of R&D? If so, and regardless, Congratulations!

Also, I hadn't realized we could make comments on posts and news items until now.