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Commodore Joe Rhimer

Name Joe Rhimer

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commodore

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 195lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Joe is in relatively good shape for a man who's been through what he's been through. He keeps himself clean and dressed well, even his eye-patch is always well oiled and cared for. A mirthful smile typically hints at the corners or his mouth, and a mischievous twinkle is almost always present in his eyes.

Joe's face is scarred from a run in with a corrupt admiral several years prior. It cost him his eye, and left his skin badly burned. He refused a prosthetic because he wanted to remember the cost of corruption.


Spouse Belle Rhimer
Children Sophie Rhimer - Adopted
Father David Windsor Rhimer (deceased)
Mother Margaret Anne Rhimer-Hanes (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

Personal History Joe was born in a suburb of Juneau, Alaska, the son of a fisherman. He spent his early years on the decks of repulsor boats, fishing in the dangerous waters off of the coast of Alaska, bundled up in thermal clothing, and hating every minute of it.

He loved his family, but his eyes were thoroughly turned toward the stars. This lead to a massive falling out between he and his parents that left with him leaving their home and selling his car for passage to San Francisco to join Star Fleet academy. He had no contact with his family for the next four years as he completed his training.

Joe was at the top of his class, graduating with Honors. He was overjoyed by his results and felt that now, at the age of 22, he was ready to reconnect with his parents. He planned to call them and ask them to attend his graduation ceremony, but a communique from Alaska came first. His parents had suffered a mechanical failure on their hover skiff and had fallen into the waters near the docks. The failure happened so suddenly that the port authorities did not have a chance to get to them before they froze to death in the waters.

Joe was crushed, never thinking that his last memory of his parents would be a screaming fight and his mother sobbing as he drove away from their Alaska home. He knew that they knew he was safe as he'd gotten several ignored communications from them at the Academy. Now that was of little consolation.

Joe never walked with his classmates during their graduation ceremony. He returned to Alaska and was sent his credentials in a nondescript package, along with notifications that he should be awaiting orders from Starfleet command.

Joe made his peace, sold his family's business to a long-time friend, and made the forty kilometer boat ride to scatter his parents ashes into the Gulf of Alaska. He only spent a couple of nights in a hotel room before word came through that he'd been assigned to the USS Ticonderoga in Orion Fleet.

Joe bounced around from ship to ship, earning his reputation and his rank until finally he was promoted to CO of the USS Einstein, a science vessel in the
Typhon Expanse, investigating the temporal rifts that occurred from time to time.

During a routine mission through the expanse looking for abnormalities, the Einstein was caught in the sudden forming of a rift. The violent ripping of space time almost destroyed the Einstein, taking a large portion of the crew with it. The remaining crew, including Joe, were rescued by the USS Archer who took them back to earth.

After a battery of counseling and medical treatments, Joe was returned to command, this time of a small Akira called the Odin. The Odin had a reputation of being "Obsidian Fleet's trash can". All of the misfits and blotched records in OF wound up on this ship prior to being honorably "removed" from service. Typically, a man that lost more than half of his crew was not bound for a long career.

During his time on the Odin, Joe and his crew became something of a family, adventuring around the Federation and actually managing to make a favorable name for themselves. Joe took his ragtag crew and turned them into a team, earning their respect and their love.

When his crew fell into the sights of a corrupt admiral named LeMars, Joe moved into action. He was blocked on every front until finally one Admiral James Conrad, his TFCO, approached him to do a little "wet works" off the books, after discovering that LeMars had amassed a significant army calling themselves the Hydra, as well as a large assortment of arms, including those of the nuclear variety and had plans to take Earth in the name of the "good of mankind".

The deeper they dug, the more of his xenophobic nature came to light, and the more Conrad had realized that his ties in the Federation were too deep.

Joe took the Odin rogue, staging a horrible accident and calling in the help of his old friend Belle Lionese, a notable pirate, to hide. She offered her services in his mission and while Conrad gathered trusted friends at home to remove LeMars' operatives in the Federation, Joe took the fight to LeMars himself.

He and his crew raided LeMars' compound on Risa, attempting to capture the Admiral alive. A mass fire fight ensued, with Joe losing an eye to a stray phaser shot. LeMars escaped to his ship, the SS Firebrand, and attempted to escape, but Joe wouldn't have it.

Upon returning to the Odin, he beamed everyone on the Odin down to Risa and set the Odin on a collision course with the Firebrand. Seconds before the two ships collided, the USS Lancelot - Conrad's flag ship - warped into the system and beamed Joe to safety.

Months of litigation and painful court battles later, Joe was acquitted of all charges and LeMars and his entire band were locked away in the deepest, darkest cells that could be found.

Joe wasted no time in securing his status with Belle. Their long standing on-again off-again romance was sealed by a wedding in San Francisco and they two of them set out to start their own - completely legal - security business.

Joe wasn't long for that life, his long time in the Federation was calling him back. So, calling in a few favors from old friends, Joe found himself in command once again. This time, of the USS Nicholson.