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Lieutenant JG Ethan Cain

Name Ethan Cain

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 209 lbs
Hair Color Dark Blond
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ethan Cain could be described as unremarkable but pleasing to the eye. Nice hair, a strong chin, in shape; the only thing he lacks is anything to make him look more than kind of slightly cuter than average joe that people love to see in holonovels or on starfleet recruiting posters. You are more likely to remember his sarcastic smirk than his facial features, and he enjoys taking advantage of peoples tendencies to not be able to describe his face.


Father Martin Cain, Deceased
Mother Commander Elizabeth Cain, CO Golan Station
Brother(s) Lieutenant Marcus Cain, Chief Operations Officer USS Niagara Falls

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ethan Cainis, in a sentence, is a noble, analytical mind in the body of a self centered, sarcastic jerk with poor impulse control.

At his core, Ethan is a man who is fascinated by observing people. He likes getting to know them, and figuring out what makes them tick. Unfortunately, that also informs his worse qualities. Ethan likes to push peoples buttons, and is never afraid to bring up tender subjects or say what is on his mind. He might say this is a way to challenge people, to peel away the outer socialization layer- In reality, he just has no idea when to shut up. This goes for when it is time to be serious, as well- the more tense or formal a situation, the more likely Ethan is to try and make an ill thought out and terrible joke.

Ethan has a problem dealing with authority, and while he enjoys studying patterns of social ordering he somehow has trouble understanding how rank and the chain of command work. Still, the informality can work in his favor with some people- but with others, it gets under their skin.

Though his personality can be abrasive, Ethan is fundamentally not a bad guy. While he tends to ignore rules and social conventions when it suits his purpose, which makes him seem rude and self centered, he does genuinely care for the well being of others.
Strengths & Weaknesses + A talent for observation
+ Excellent memory
+ Wide range of experience

-Sometimes doesn't get along well with others
-Tends not to take things seriously
-Checkered past
-Death Mark. It's not an easy thing to live with.
Ambitions To not be murdered by the Orion Syndicate. That's about it, really. Ethan likes being alive.
Hobbies & Interests Studying people and culture, especially unfamiliar races.
Various Holodeck programs, most often detective stories

Personal History Ethan Cain grew up on a Starbase, the son of a pair of starfleet officers. Though his father died while he was young, Ethans mother was more than strong enough to raise him alone. A intimidating woman on the track for command, Elizabeth Cain tried to instill dedication and discipline into Ethan. It didn't take.

Instead of studying, Ethan spent most of his time exploring the starbase, watching the myriad of alien species that traveled through the station. He learned about different cultures by listening to grizzled traders in the station's bars, and watched quiet deals and loud arguments from hidden vents. Ethan grew to enjoy the wide spectrum of life that didn't wear a starfleet uniform, and spent more time watching and observing people than studying or working.

Against his wishes, Elizabeth pushed Ethan to join starfleet. When she became the commander of a small border station, the Golan Outpost, Elizabeth gave Ethan a commission as a junior Ensign. He served as an operations officer, and did not excel. Embarrassed but still committed to having her eldest child follow in her footsteps, Elizabeth sent Ethan to the Academy as soon as he was eligible, trading his time as a junior ensign for an early admission.

Ethan enjoyed the color and variety of the academy, and was ecstatic about being away from his mother. Actually studying at the Academy, however, was not high on his list of priorities. Ethan studying anthropology and psychology, along with a wide range of basic courses in general science, security and self defense, and combat medicine. Ethan failed many of those classes, not because he was incapable, but because he simply didn't care.

On the verge of dropping out of the Academy, Ethan was picked up by a special division of Starfleet Intelligence, a program that took gifted cadets and put them through specialized training programs. SI thought Ethan would make a good analyst. While his talent for observation and analysis certainly would have made him a great intelligence officer in another life, in this life he washed out soon after graduating from the program. SI noted on his record that, while his performance had been adequate, his attitude made him 'incompatable' with SI's methods. As Ethan put it, "Vulcan's have a better sense of humor than Starfleet Intelligence." Ethan served out the remaining year and a half of service on various ships, mostly serving as an anthropologist with little to do.

Set free of Starfleet and his mother, Ethan traveled the galaxy for a few years. Eventually, he fell in with a criminal element. Though he was not directly related with anything dangerous, Ethan served as middleman for illicit transactions, sometimes as a fence for stolen goods, most often putting smugglers in contact with buyers. While he was still small time, eventually his reputation became good enough that he came to the attention of a local cell of the Orion Syndicate. Initially Ethan wasn't interested in working with them, until he got a visit from a pair of old enemies: Starfleet Security with a spook in tow.

The security officers arrested Ethan under the cover of night, informing him that he was being arrested for trafficking in stolen and illegal goods and impersonating a stafleet officer (Long story). But the SI operative gave him a way out- make the deal with the Syndicate cell, and help SI bring them down. Not liking the weather in New Zealand that time of year, Ethan accepted.

The deal went off with several hitches, and Ethan barely came out of the situation alive. When the dust settled, the Syndicate cell was either in hiding or in custody, and Ethan's reputation was ruined. When his involvement with the starfleet sting operation came to light, the Syndicate put a price on his head, and Ethan asked Starfleet for protection. They gave him a choice- He could serve out his sentence in a penal colony, or he could do it as a Starfleet officer.

Ethan could sense Elizabeth's influence when he saw it, but he didn't think he could stand being locked up for years. He took the job. Starfleet recommissioned him as an officer, assigning him to Starfleet Security after he showed his aptitude for it in the sting operation, and so he could levy his knowledge of the quadrants criminal element. Ethan didn't want a desk job, however, and after some job training at the academy, got himself assigned to starships.

As ACST under Captain Tovol of the USS Clarke, Ethan showed an aptitude for security work and a disrespect for rank and the chain of command. Tovol was reluctant to give Ethan any second chances at first, but after Ethan prevented a terrorist attack during a humanitarian mission by "smelling something... burn-y" Tovol concluded that his talents in observing and anticipating behavior may actually be worth the personal disruption. Eventually, the pair grew to regard each other with mutual respect. When Tovol heard that the Nicholson needed a Chief of Security, he put in a transfer request for Ethan. As he met with Tovol for the last time, the Vulcan told him, "You are a fine officer, Lieutenant Cain, whether you like it or not. What is ironic is that you cannot see it."