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Ensign M'Erth

Name M'Erth

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 230 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description M'Erth has unusual coloring for a Caitian, being almost completely white furred except for the cream color terminating at the tips of her ears and tail. Her tail is also a bit of an unusual genetic occurrence as it is rather thick and long furred instead of sleek and slender.


Spouse Hyinn
Children N/A
Father P'Rett
Mother Hosha
Brother(s) Niall
Sister(s) Shi'Rai

Personality & Traits

General Overview Understanding M'Erth first and foremost requires understanding the Caitian as a collective. They're raised as bastions of loyalty and beauty in a clan based structure. Being an artist or a lover or a servant makes you just as strong as a warrior or a scientist or any great deed because of the very purposeful, whole hearted statements that those declarations and titles mean. They do as they say they will to the very last fiber of their beings.

Being cast as a warrior in their society comes with a certain amount of honor and equal parts disdain. Any man, woman or child can utilize a weapon. As felanoids they're born armed with claws and teeth. But inspiration and spirit comes only to the gifted. That's prized above all else. Following this logic M'Erth has a lesser place in her clan structure and through Starfleet has raised the relations of the Endr'h through Federation standards alone.

M'Erth personally is a very literal soul. She continues to seek out beauty and adventure with due enthusiasm and considers herself a patron of multicultural arts. She relishes exploring and physical exertion, specifically outdoors so long as the humidity is low. High humidity tends to frizz her fur.

The Caitian has a tendency to groom herself continuously (Recycled air is not her friend. Neither are sonic showers). Her patience is very easy to pull short (Usually resulting in one of her purring fits. It tends to stop even the most seasoned of soap box stars and diffuse a situation. When purring fails, staring and blinking work well, too.) Temperament wise it's very hard to unhinge M'Erth. She's very spiritual and tends to internalize her anger until it can be sorted out. When she finally loses it she tends to lash out- such as at the Ferengi- and mark her targets for all to see the their transgression.

M'Erth does not tolerate being touched without permission. Touch conveys emotion and communication that's far too personal for most. Her tail in specific she detests being handled, as well as the running joke of 'sniff this'.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a felanoid M'Erth possesses a tail, elongated eyeteeth and fur covering most of her body. She can hear past the upper ranges of human hearing and see very well in lowlight conditions. Her musculature is denser than the average humanoid. This all, of course, comes with the typical disadvantages stemming from those facts.

First and foremost high pitched noises, flashes of light and low gravity are not happy things. She doesn't have an aversion to water, just detests being frizzy or having her fur clump. This often requires insane amounts of conditioner. Expect to have yours borrowed often.

Personal History M'Erth grew up in a sprawling land of gardens and formalities, art and culture. Her parents were lore keepers for the clans, both musicians in their own right who raised dancers and spirits. And one rather out of sort kit named M'Erth. Though gifted in the same areas, M'Erth was never an artisan by want. She practiced the skills of beauty, she had the tongue for verse, but it didn't fulfill her soul.

More than not she found herself wandering out of the gardens and the consort's halls into the cities populated by the other races and disappearing for days at a time, lost in their intricacies. At first H'Osha decided that this was the calling of a peacemaker in her veins and arranged to have M'Erth study for such a life. M'Erth in response showed little interest in such things and continually found a way to escape the classroom and wander again and again.

P'Rett compensated by arranging for his youngest daughter to take up with an explorer coalition comprised of a few respectable Caitians and a handful of Vulcans which also fell through when M'Erth's patience was shown to be a fleeting quality. Eventually Clan Leader Kri'Ka grew involved with the placement of M'Erth and dropped her willful tail into a formal Na-Cha-Saa training academy where she believed that M'Erth would flourish under spiritual and physical conditioning. Obviously odd omen of her appearance had marked M'Erth as destined for a different kind of path.

Many years passed and many lessons were learned outside of the gardens of M'Erth's youth. She flourished in the unique environs and eventually became one of Clan Endr'h's few warriors. Kri'Ka honored the clan further by sending M'Erth as an emissary from the clan to study among Starfleet and strengthen the clan's standing beyond courtesan ranks.

M'Erth, however, didn't like this choice. Mainly because she'd been placed in a room with a human who insisted on referring to her as 'Snowball' or 'Mirth'. This tag grew amongst the ranks of many of her classmates until M'Erth found that vocalizing in her native tongue tended to put many of them to sleep. This peaceful war went back and forth all through the Academy until a strange truce was made. 'Snowball' became a badge of honor such as 'Don't mess with Snowball' and she would discontinue the heavy purring during labs.

Graduation ended on a high note with many friends and a great celebration.

Her subsequent posting aboard the USS Icarus even more so. M'Erth enjoyed the wandering nature of the science vessel and welcomed what few confrontations it yielded. Her only true conflict during that time stemmed from unwanted advanced from a Ferengi medical technician who had decided that her tail must be the equivalent of a Ferengi's ears and repeatedly attempted to pet it. On the third such occasion M'Erth gouged his frontal lobe which went on her permanent record. Bad M'Erth. The confrontation led to a few more incidents of attempted social grooming until counseling intervened that there was to be no petting the Caitian unless she wished it. M'Erth eventually transferred to a more serious position aboard the USS Shosana with much less of a touchy feely crowd.

The rest of her service record reads textbook clean.
Service Record Notes: Na-Cha-Saa is a type of martial arts of the Caitian people that utilizes their natural weaponry and retractable claws. It'd be most comparable to Chinese Baguazhang (soft style formalized form that utilizes both the circle stances and a very spiritual aspect of body, mind and harmony). Much of her culture and spiritual beliefs are also very Chinese Tao-like in structure.