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Major Brian Pershing

Name Brian Pershing

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 46

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color ruddy brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description At 5'11" and weighing in at 210 lbs, Brian is hardly a giant among men. His ruddy brown hair speckled with occasional locks of grey and his blue eyes add a very experienced look to his features.


Father Gerald Pershing
Mother Elly Pershing
Brother(s) Francis Pershing (Older)
Sister(s) Lisa Pershing (Older)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Brave and Intelligent, Brian is able to instantly analyze a tactical situation and come up with a tactically sound plan.

He has the diplomatic skills of an angry rhino with hemorrhoids.
Hobbies & Interests Military History, Wargames, Tactical challenges like Chess.

Personal History Pre-Starfleet History:
Born in South Carolina in 2338 on Earth, Brian was the third child of Elly and Gerald Pershing. He grew up in the shadow of his elder brother, Frank and his sister Lisa. Where Lisa was compassionate to her brother growing up? Frank was jealous. Where Lisa was understanding, Frank was impatient. While his parents did precious little to stop the sibling rivalry between Frank and Brian, Lisa encouraged it. She recognized Brian's desire to be respected on his own terms, and constantly pushed Brian to excel wherever Frank belittled him and told him he couldn't. The sibling rivalry continued when Frank went off to college and made the Ivy League. While Brian's grades were good, they were certainly not good enough for the Ivy League colleges that even into the 24th century dominated education. So when he graduated high school, he surprised everyone (except his sister Lisa) by being accepted to Starfleet Academy for the command course.

Starfleet History:
Accepted as a cadet in 2356, Brian took on command training and found it far more difficult than he'd ever intended. He was in jeopardy of failing out by the time he hit his freshman year. While excelling in his security and tactical courses, his diplomatic and cultural skills left a lot to be desired. It was so bad that his diplomacy professors wrote notes in his personal record that he would never become a commanding officer if they had anything to say about it. His constant use of force and gunboat diplomacy were abhorrent to Starfleet Academy. One professor was not willing to give up on Pershing entirely, however, but instead suggested that he change his track. After his first year, he changed his track to the Marines.

Where before he'd been failing, in the Marines he excelled, and not just physically, but also in leadership. On maneuvers and in the leadership tracks, he was nearly top of his class. Graduating in 2361, Brian was assigned to the planet Bolarus IX as an adjutant to the Federation Embassy on the planet. He stayed there, advancing to the rank of 1st Lieutenant for his work in providing security during the cease fire with the Moropa. In 2370, responding to growing tensions with the Cardassian Union, Brian was transferred to Nivoch to secure it once the treaty with the Cardassian Union was finalized. When the Maquis Rebellion threatened violence along the Demilitarized Zone, Nivoch was placed on high alert, ensured that it was ready for any potential Cardassian retaliation. Three years later, Nivoch was evacuated as the Dominion War erupted.

Across half a dozen worlds the Dominion War raged on while the Marines secured each planet after Starfleet cleared the system around it. It was on the planet Marik IV that Brian earned his distinction. As a Marine Executive Officer, the CO fell to a mortar attack, leaving the Marines under Brian's command. He was faced with two options, sitting tight and fortifying to wait out the attack and hope for reinforcements, or take his ragged, battled-scarred troops out of their defenses across the open ground to assault the enemy command. He ordered the charge and personally led the men. The battle for Marik IV in 2374 turned from a near loss into a victory as the Jem'Hadar and Cardassian forces died and retreated in shock under the assault. Brian was injured in the attack by a Jem'Hadar knife, buried in his stomach. He was fortunate to receive medical attention from a field medic that saved his life. Later he was decorated for his valor and dedication to duty.

The war waged on and Brian saw action throughout the war, distinguishing himself time and again, eventually being made a Marine Commanding Officer on the planet Ressick III nearby the Bajoran system. When the war ended, he remained on Ressick for a short time before being transferred to Betazed in 2376 to help rebuild and update the defenses there, overseeing the renovation of military defenses on Betazed until 2387 being transferred to the USS Nagasaki. From there he served with distinction until his reassignment to the USS Nicholson.
Service Record 2356-2357 - Starfleet Academy - Command
2357-2361 - Starfleet Marine Academy - Command
2361-2370 - Bolarus IX - Marine Adjutant - First Lieutenant
2370-2373 - Nivoch - Marine Executive Officer
2373-2375 - Asssorted assignments throughout the Dominion War
2375-2376 - Ressick III - Marine Commanding Officer
2376-2387 - Betazed - Marine Commanding Officer
2387-2389 - USS Nagasaki - Marine Commanding Officer
2389-???? - USS Nicholson - Marine Commanding Officer