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Lieutenant JG Tanner Dale

Name Tanner Dale

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"/180.3cm
Weight 165#/74.8kg
Hair Color sandy brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Tall and slim, Tanner carries himself with an air of confidence and a slightly-cocky demeanor that is sure to charm some and rankle others. He's handsome in a rogueish sort of way, with arched eyebrows and an "I know something you don't know" smirk on his lips. When he's behind the helm, there's a certain intensity about the way he does things that lets you know that, while he's not the Captain, when he's behind the helm, the ship he's flying is his.


Spouse Ha!
Children There could be some, but none he's ever met.
Father Warren Dale (Deceased)
Mother May Willingham Dale (Deceased)
Brother(s) Terrence (Deceased), Marcus Dale (Twin)
Sister(s) Rhea (16)
Other Family None he ever met or cares about.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tanner is dead certain behind the helm. He's precision and confidence incarnate, and he's impressed a lot of people with his flying abilities. It's when he's not flying that he's likely to get into trouble. He gets bored easily, he's a smart ass, and has a tendency to be mouthy and opinionated. He likes going fast -- walks fast, talks fast and flies fast. He's friendly, and likes to banter on-shift, but sometimes his choice of subject matter can get him into trouble. He fumes when he thinks the higher-ups are cracking the whip, and hates flying by regulation. He'd rather fly by the seat of his pants. It takes a lot for him to actually like and trust someone enough to call them friend, but once he does, he'd probably take a phaser blast for them. Except that he'd rather shoot the jerk who's pointing a phaser at his buddy. He does have a spiritual side, but unless someone walks in on him while he's in the midst of his meditations, they're not likely to see it. He's alert and attentive to all that goes on around him, even if he doesn't seem particularly concerned with it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: In addition to being an exceptionally-talented pilot, Tanner is good at ops and can make most computers his lapdog when he puts his mind to it. He's good in high-pressure situations, and multi-tasks well. Turning on the charm comes naturally to him -- he's a great social engineer, has the gift of gab, and is witty. He's also determined, innovative and can make the hard decisions when he needs to.

Weaknesses: One of his old captains once said that Tanner was a problem child, and he wasn't wrong to say so. Impatient, headstrong and impulsive, he rankles under the rank structure of Starfleet. He'll think of several underhanded ways of doing things before he ever comes up with something that fits in with the Federation's ideals.
Ambitions To make them all sit up and take notice. He wants to do something that is legendary in its coolness. Something that other people will point at for years to come as an example of brilliance and inventiveness.
Hobbies & Interests In his off-time he is a tech-nut and tinkerer, whether it's modifying the casings of his PADDs and tricorders or ripping out the impulse maneuvering thrusters from a photon torpedo and putting them on his skateboard. He skateboards, bicycles, rides hovercycles and other things that involve the sensation of going fast and maneuvering recklessly. Except it's not really reckless if you know what you're doing. He has about a thousand action games on his PADD, which keep him from getting too bored. He is a bit of an epicurian -- if the food's spicy and robust. He plays the piano pretty well, but he'd rather be shot with a phaser on heavy stun than be in a ship talent show.

Personal History Tanner Dale was born the third child of Warren and May Dale in 2362, twenty minutes after his twin, Marcus, in Wellington City on Ronara Prime. His parents ran a mildly-successful import/export freight business that operated in the area that would later be known as the Federation/Cardassian Demilitarized Zone. The Dale children were raised aboard their family's Sojourn-class freighter, educated by their parents and by computer. They learned the family business early on, schooled in every part of starship operations by their parents, who expected them to help expand the business in time.

When the Federation signed the Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2370, the Dales' world-of-charter, Juhraya, was located right in the middle of the DMZ. Despite all the promises and assurances of the Federation, it soon became apparent to everyone that the Cardassians were only giving lip service to honoring the treaty, violating it whenever they pleased to hassle anyone from the Federation, including the Dales. After having their shields nudged, their hull phaser-burned and their their lives threatened one too many times by Cardassian cruisers, the Dales began submitting complaints to the Federation, including sensor logs and recordings of the threats, but these fell on deaf ears. In 2371, the Dales joined the Maquis, and used their ship for smuggling in ship parts and relief goods to the beleaguered Maquis. In 2372, the Dales traded in their freighter for two modified Ju'Day class vessels ("Maquis Raiders"), the Waffle and the Pancake, and joined in the fighting in earnest.

That was the year that Terrence led his brothers on a little "mission," "borrowed" a few phaser pistols and carved a cliff-face of Belding Mountain on Umoth VIII into a gigantic bust of Admiral Alynna Nechayev, along with the legend, "Gul Nechayev." This political statement got attention on both sides of the DMZ, and was wiped out three days later by the Cardassians.

The Dales had a good run of it until the Dominion stepped in and started slaughtering the Maquis in 2373; and then it was time to get out. The Dales did their best to help evacuate the settlements that were targeted by the Dominion, but there were so many people to evacuate. Their last run was to evacuate the children of Maquis operatives from a "safe house" on Juhraya, including the three youngest Dales. The refugees were split up into two groups, as were the Dales. Warren and Terrence took the Pancake while Amy, Marcus, Tanner and Rhea flew out on the Waffle. They skirted the badlands, even though it doubled the distance to the Federation border -- If the Dominion came after them, diving into the badlands might be their only defense.

Halfway to Federation space, two Jem'Hadar fighters spotted them and vectored in for the attack. In the scant minutes they had before the fighters intercepted them, the Pancake beamed all of their refugees over to the Waffle, while the Waffle beamed over their full compliment of photon torpedoes. Then both ships dropped out of warp and dived into the Badlands. The Jem'Hadar gave pursuit, but they wasn't as fast as the raiders were at impulse speeds, and the Dales were, by now, well-versed in guerilla techniques in the plasma storms.

For three hours, the ships played cat and mouse; the Waffle shield-bumping the Dominion fighters to give the Pancake openings to fire through. On one particularly energetic bump, a plasma conduit blew on the bridge, critically injuring Amy Dale and forcing her eleven year old sons to take the helm and weapons, as the only other adults on the ship were concentrating on keeping the ship from flying apart. Their reckless tactics allowed the inferior Ju'Day fighters to destroy one of their attackers after an hour's chase through the Badlands, but by then, the Dales' ships were in bad shape. The Jem'Hadar were beginning to get impatient, as well; eager for the kill. Over the course of the next two hours, Amy Dale passed away, but Marcus and Tanner shoved aside their grief and fought on.

Meanwhile, on the Pancake, Warren Dale had his son rig up their remaining photon torpedos to the warp core of their ship. They called the Waffle and had the twins guide their ship in for another shield-nudge on the Dominion ship. Only this time, instead of firing, the Pancake rammed the Jem'Hadar ship, and both ships were destroyed in the massive explosion that resulted.

Marcus, Tanner and Rhea Dale eventually made it to DS9 with their ship full of refugees, and the Federation's social-services engine kicked in, relocating the children to other starbases and colonies. The Waffle was stripped of its weapons and mothballed, and the Dales were sent to a group home on Starbase 74. Early on, Rhea (who was only 3 at the time) was adopted out to a couple who couldn't have kids. Tanner protested this, but Marcus wanted their sister to have a chance at a normal life outside of Federation Social Services. The group home was a sad place, where most of the kids were abandoned or orphaned, and disciplinary problems ran rampant. The Dale twins had to learn to fight and stand up for themselves, because the other kids there were mean, ruthless, and had nothing left to lose.

Four years went by, and while Marcus walked the straight and narrow path, Tanner acted out and fell in with the wrong crowd. He learned to circumvent computer safeties and got into trouble for replicating marijuana and alcohol, for joyriding, and vandalizing ships and the Starbase itself. When the authorities cracked down on him, he was given probation and mandatory counseling, but soon got tired of it and, when he turned 15, he reprogrammed his transponder implant to spoof the station's sensors and high-tailed it off the station on the first transport he could catch.

Seventeen months later, he turned up in the Emergency Room on Stratos after having been the victim of a vicious stabbing. He was identified genetically and turned over to Starfleet. After a year and a half of getting up to some dangerous criminal exploits, his luck had finally run out when the captain of a ship he had boosted had finally caught up with him and exacted brutal revenge. Tanner was brought back to Starbase 74, where his brother and new case-handler gave him an ultimatum. He could either straighten up his act and enroll in Starfleet Academy like his brother was in the process of doing, or he could go to a penal colony for violating probation.

Tanner made the right choice, worked hard to catch up with his classes and therapy sessions and applied to the Academy. He was accepted at the Academy on Beta Ursae Minor II, whereas his brother was accepted into the Academy at San Francisco. Without Marcus to keep him under control, Tanner managed to rack up as many honor code strikes as he did honors. His professors wanted him to specialize in Operations, but Tanner chose flight control instead. His Cadet Cruise was aboard an old Miranda-class bucket, the USS Insurgent. Instead of carrying on his legacy of seeing how much he could irritate the people in command, he took advantage of the training facilities to take fellowships in Games Theory and Aggressor Tactics. He graduated seventy-eighth in his class, but only because his first three years were a little more fun than they should have been.

Once finished with his cadet work, Tanner was assigned to the USS Swiftsure, a Sovereign Class ship, where he served as Gamma shift flight officer, Shuttle pilot and relief Alpha shift flight officer. He also continued his fellowships, which he believed would serve him well later in his career. After a year aboard the Swiftsure, he was transferred to the USS Jian, a Saber-class escort, and assigned as CFCO. He liked the Jian a lot; it didn't have a whole lot of embarked craft, it was fast and maneuverable, and the C.O., Captain Billingsley, was pretty indulgent of Tanner's quirks because he recognized the young man's value as a helmsman.

Despite nearly five years of exemplary service aboard the Jian, Tanner retains a mildly rebellious streak, and he seems to have a gift for getting himself and others in trouble on shore leaves and in starbase lounges. Among his greatest accomplishments is the discovery of a common herbal remedy that blocks the enzyme that breaks down synthehol, which has made him an unsung hero to cadets who are under the legal drinking age for real alcohol and officers who serve aboard dry ships. He has a long streak of short, sometimes spectacularly-bad, relationships under his belt, none of which he really talks about, save to relate anecdotes about them in bars for a good laugh.
Service Record 2379 - Enters Starfleet Academy at Beta Ursae Minor II

2382 - Cadet Cruise aboard USS Insurgent
Rank: Cadet (4th Year)
Position: Flight Control Officer

2383 - Graduates 78th in class. Assigned to USS Swiftsure
Rank: Ensign
Position: Flight Control Officer

2384 - Completes Fellowships in Games Theory and Aggressor Tactics
Assigned to USS Jian
Rank: Ensign
Position: Chief Flight Control Officer

2389 - Assigned to USS Nicholson
Rank: TBA
Position: Chief Flight Control Officer