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1st Lieutenant Geralt Portman

Name Geralt James Portman

Position Marine Executive Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 199
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Short cropped hair and a medium build, Geralt Portman is at the age of still being young, dumb, and full of grit. He hasn't yet found those two gray hairs that have cropped up on the back of his head.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Cmdr. Joel Portman - Ret.
Mother Lt. Cmdr. Grace Hartridge-Portman - Ret.
Brother(s) 2nd Lt. Jason Portman (deceased - Battle of Argus against the Dominion, 2374)
Lt. Graham Portman - Chief of Security, USS Kingston
Sister(s) Ens. Heather Jamison - Engineering Officer, USS Steno
Corporal Lara Portman - Marine Contingent, USS Tripoli
Other Family Lt. JG Mark Jamison - Brother In Law - Science Officer, USS Steno

Personality & Traits

General Overview Born on a Starfleet ship to two officers, he's the youngest son of a family of five children (three boys, two girls). Geralt is rather serious about his duties when on task, but has no problem 'switching off'. Coming from a family whose Starfleet careers span the Sciences, Command, Security, and Engineering, he's never seen the real source of the conflict between Fleet and Marines, nor cared for it. To Geralt, the only thing that matters is the chevron. The color of the uniform collar is immaterial.
Strengths & Weaknesses An easy going attitude has given Geralt a friendly and relate-able personality. Where his current Marine CO, Major Pershing, is a no-nonsense Marine, Geralt is Geralt First and Marine 1st Lt. Second.
Ambitions To 'have it all'. A family, a career that commands respect, and a life that garners it.

Personal History Born on the USS Formidable to the Chief Engineer and the Chief Science Officers, Geralt was the third of five children. His elder brothers, Jason and Graham being born 4 and 1 year before him respectively. Growing up aboard a Starship during peacetime was particularly easy on him. The 2350's largely passed without incident aboard the aging Miranda class cruiser. It wasn't as though there were a whole lot of families aboard, as Starfleet was only just beginning to be a more family friendly organization. Of course in any crew there were children aboard as marriages and families bloomed between crewmates, but most of the time one parent would end their career and set down roots to raise their children, finding Starship life to be too fast paced and too unpredictable, not to mention dangerous, for children.

His older brothers both joined Starfleet, to the approval of their parents, and so did Geralt. It was almost expected of him. So much so, in fact, that when his parents asked him where he was applying for colleges, they asked "Where else besides Starfleet are you applying?", simply assuming that he was turning in an application to the 'family business' as it were.

Starfleet became a home to him. Though perhaps not quite the way his parent had thought. Following in his eldest brother's footsteps, he joined the Starfleet Marine Corps in 2370 to take on OCS and become an officer. His brother, posted to the USS McAuliffe, had been granted leave to attend his graduation in 2374. Six months later, after the breakout of the Dominion War, Geralt would attend his brother's funeral via holo-recording aboard the USS Montgomery.

Serving in the Dominion war across the USS Montgomery, the USS Greene, and on the surface of several nameless planets, 2nd Lieutenant Geralt Portman quickly earned his silver bar and the promotion to First Lieutenant, earning as well a Purple Heart for combat injuries sustained by a Jem'Hadar knife wound, and the Distinguished Service Medal for repeatedly high performance.

In the years after the war, Geralt has worked to achieve mediocrity. Always doing his duty, and occasionally rising above the call, but never too much to earn a second bar and that rank of Captain. Used to a subordinate role, he has made his life as a 1st Lieutenant rather comfortable. Eventually being assigned to the USS Nicholson. His lack of ambition and bucking for a promotion has led to him being passed over for promotion numerous times. And that's just fine with Geralt. A natural executive officer, he is happy to follow and ensure the execution of someone else's commands while only occasionally adding in his own input.
Service Record 2370-2374 - Starfleet Marine OCS
2374-2374 - Marine XO - USS Montgomery
2374-2375 - Marine XO - USS Greene
2375-2375 - Ground Combat Duty
2375-2383 - Platoon Leader - Fort Benning, Earth
2383-2387 - Marine XO - USS Armstrong
2387-2389 - Marine XO - Fort Junot, Betazed
2389-23?? - Marine XO - USS Nicholson