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Lieutenant JG Brandon Bragg

Name Brandon Bragg

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 195
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Brandon Bragg is an average sized man with a lean, yet well defined physique built from a love for holodeck soccer. Brandon wears his hair longer than most Federation Officers and has a well maintained short-cut beard.


Spouse Erica Bragg
Children Brandon Jr. - son 15 years old.
Jackie - daughter 12 years old.
Bonny - daughter - 3 years old (the surprise babygirl)

All of Bragg's familiy live and travel with him on his duty assignments - unless otherwise ordered by the CO.
Father Detective Linwood Bragg
Mother Port Authority Janice Bragg
Brother(s) Bishop Bragg - In prison for money laundering for pirates on the outskirts of the universe. Currently serving a 5 year sentence (1st offense). - Brandon routinely calls and talks to his brother to encourage him to get his life right.
Sister(s) Monique Stetson - whereabouts unknown, Monique left home when Brandon was 7 (Monique was 18) she has not been seen since; but writes Brandon from time to time to let him know she is still alive, part of the reason Brandon became a Security Officer was to gain access to Federation Security databasses for interspace travel; in an attempt to finally locate his sister.
Other Family The list is to long to go into....

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brandon grew up idolizing his dad, who was a very savvy Detective for the Intergalactic Exchange Committee. Bandon loves to investigate and solve crimes that seem to have no answer. As a Chief of Security Brandon is more interested in policing the ship, investigating criminal activity and making sure there is basic law and order for the crew than being on the bridge for combat and tactical exercises.
With that being said Brandon puts the crew and CO first on his priority list - so if there is a real threat to the ship, there is no doubt he will be in his place on the bridge. (He just prefers the Investigative side to Ship to Ship combat).
Strengths & Weaknesses Stength - Brandon excelled in criminal investigations and facility/ship security and policing. Brandon is a creative thinker and understands criminal psychology.

Weaknesses - Feels out of place and inadequate on the bridge in combat scenarios, tends to second guess his ship to ship combat stratregies.
Ambitions Desires to one day become the Chief Security Officer for Task Force 11 and ultimately the Pegasus Fleet - perhaps then he would have the clearances necessary to find his lost sister and restore law and order to the whole region.
Hobbies & Interests Brandons number one hobby is taking unsolved crimes from Pegasus Fleet databases and solving them. Whether they be missing persons, financial laundering, homicides...each unsloved case presents a puzzle that must be solved for the law and order of the universe.

Personal History Brandon grew up watching his father pour himself over case after case of illegal activity. He learned the techniques Federation taught for tracking illegal monies and contraband before he even went to starfleet academy.

Brandon's dad would often allow Brandon a shot of solving cases he was working that did not violate security clearance protocols- something that Brandon does with his own son JR.

Brandon excelled in accounting tracking, criminal psychology, and the fundamentals of policing while in Academy. As a result of Brandons obsession for police security work and investigations he tended to score lower on ship to ship battle tests.

Brandon spent the majority of his off time in the Academy working as a Private Detective for a company he created called Global Investigations. Amoung the highlights of this company investigative work was when Brandon was hired by a private coorperation to track an employee of suspected industrial espionage; which Brandon was able to prove through photograhic evidence and recorded conversations.

Brandon sold the company to his partner when he graduated Starfleet, but often helps consult his former partner with hard cases. (When time permits.)

Brandon spent a couple years assigned to a Planetary Security Police Unit where he quickly went from a patrol Officer to a criminal investigator.

Brandon then served as Assistant Chief Security Officer for a small starbase, but soon requested transfer as he learned how much more policing and investigation work could be done aboard a starship. Also Brandon had quickly learned that in the Fleet a Chief Security Officer would need starship tactical experience if he hoped to be promoted.

Brandon has taken his family everywhere and often runs into conflict as he tends to put his job first.
Service Record 2383-2387 - Starfleet Academy - Security Officer's School
2387-2389 - Security Officer - Earth Planetary Unit 926
2389-2391 - Assistant Chief Security Officer Starbase 457
2391 - Assigned USS Nicholson