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Lieutenant JG Shya Karn

Name Shya Lee Karn

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Catian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5 ' 7"
Weight 134
Hair Color Chestnut Brown (long)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Shya's body is that of a voluptuous Human female with a few significant differences:
Her body is covered with a very fine light-colored hair (think peach fuzz) though she looks nearly hairless, slightly pointed ears (similar to a Vulcan or Romulan), long claws that are kept neatly filed and rounded, a long tail with a tuft of chestnut brown silken fur at the end. She has a distinctly feline nose as well.
Shya is a fan of MMA , and as such is toned and very fit. Her long dark brown hair is usually pulled back neatly in a ponytail.
When not in uniform she is most often found in workout clothes or jeans and a T.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Grant Adams, Deceased
Mother Nen'Elora Karn, Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Jericho, 24
Other Family Murien Karn, 83 - Shy's Paternal grandmother, resides on Betazed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shya is generally an upbeat kinda gal. She's knowledgable about her profession and puts her heart into all she does.
When she's off the clock, however, the gloves come off. Party Girl doesn't even come close to describing Shya's actions.

Somewhere along the way some counselor had slapped a blurb in her jacket explaining why Shya seemed to be an adrenaline junkie:

' Due to the cruel and harsh way Ms. Karn's family was ripped from her she seems to have a 'Live for Today' attitude.'

The report went on to discuss how well-adjusted she was, despite her loud and in-your-face behavior.
Karns tended to buck authority if said-authority was (in her words) an idjit.

There had even been a few instances where she had come awfully close to being tossed in the Brig.
Alcohol was involved.

There were no incidents notated while Shya was on duty, and were even a few remarks added from former COs who heaped glowing praises on the Counselor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Kind, strong, able to hold her own in a physical
altercation, smart, loyal to SF, Personable,

Weaknesses: Tends to use alcohol a wee bit much, is an
adrenaline junkie, loves to be the center of
attention, tends to use humor as a shield,
Is VERY opinionated while under the influence
and has been known to throw a punch. Or
Ambitions Get through the day without trying to smack the 'Stoopid' out of someone.
(Last time there was just too much paperwork.)
Hobbies & Interests MMA Training, hiking, drinking, poker, cigars, Catnip

Personal History Shya was born to an unwed couple, Grant Adams (Human) and Nen'Elora Karns (Catian).
They lived a normal existence. Elora was a teacher, Grant was a Lieutenant in SF, stationed on Betazed.

Shya was a good child, kind-hearted and thoughtful. She was obedient and seemed wise beyond her years.

Two days after her 15th birthday there was a shuttle crash. Her mother and father were among the dead.
Explanations were in short supply, and no one seemed to be able to give Shya any straight answers.
Finally one day, she snapped.

She began to become obstinate and rude to her teachers. Murien, Shy's grandmother and only living relative, began to get very distressing reports of fighting and underage drinking.
Knowing her granddaughter was in need of some professional care, she enrolled Shya in a behavior modification program located on Earth that utilized techniques such as hiking, camping, martial arts along with counseling and if necessary, medication.

Thankfully Shya found her salvation in Mixed Martial Arts. She utilized her razor-sharp reflex, strength superior to most Human females and her enhanced senses.
Through focusing her pain, anger and confusion into her training, Shya soon found herself not half bad.

The program also assisted Shya in determining her career path. It took her all of a minute to decide to give back by becoming a counselor in Star Fleet.
Service Record Born 03.07.2361

2379 Entered SF Medical

2385 graduated

2385- USS SilverHawk -Counselor
2386- USS Silverhawk-Counselor
2388- USS SilverHawk- CCO

2389- USS Wellington- CCO
2390- USS Nicholson- CCO