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Senior Chief Petty Officer George Terrant

Name George Harrison Terrant

Position Chief of the Boat

Second Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description George is a tall and muscular man who is always clean shaven and generally has a shaved head or very tight cropped haircut that is shaved. His uniforms are normally spotless unless in his coveralls and elbows deep in ship repairs.


Spouse Elizabeth Terrant
Children George Terrant Jr. (8), Rose "Rosie" Terrant (5)
Father Richard Terrant III
Mother Michelle Terrant
Brother(s) Richard Terrant IV, Carl Terrant
Sister(s) Lydia Terrant

Personality & Traits

General Overview A very clean cut, motivated, educated, and organized person it's been said by some Starfleet mental health professionals that he is borderline obsessive compulsive. When off duty he is known to be very dedicated family man, friend, and perpetual neat freak.
Strengths & Weaknesses Leadership, Organization, Motivation, and Educational ambition are some of the greatest strengths held by George. Some of his weaknesses include some Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies, Germaphobia, being squeamish, and overworking himself.
Ambitions To be the best father he can be and to reach Master Chief like his father and grandfather.
Hobbies & Interests Golfing on Holodecks, Running, Hiking

Personal History Born from a long line of Starfleet enlisted men George Terrant was destined like his grandfather and eventually his father to become a Master Chief. He grew up around various Starfleet facilities from ground bases, starbases, and aboard starships. He did mediocre in his schooling but loved taking advantage of education opportunities especially as he got older. It was found that his mediocrity in his early education was mostly as a result of boredom excelling in his Starfleet and Engineering training.

He enlisted in Starfleet during the senior year of high school and entered Basic Training after graduation. He completed training with honors and advanced in rank. His first assignment was as a Master-at-Arms at the Starfleet Academy an assignment that surprised him. He was hoping to get aboard a ship in an engineering position but wasn't disappointed at being at the academy.

He advanced to crewman rapidly at his first assignment showing great leadership potential. He also had a chance to work a special detail with the Federation President when they were present at the Academy. He was assigned from the Academy to A-School for Damage Controlman. He had wanted to go into propulsion or computer systems but was fine with his assignment. Being a Damage Controlman would get him involved in all aspects of Engineering and he did request every engineering related A-school on his wishlist.

After graduating with High Honors from A-School he was automatically promoted to Petty Officer Third Class and was assigned to the USS Cairo as a Damage Controlman. He qualified as Engineering Watch Officer, Engineering Bridge Watchstander, and in Advanced First Aid.

He very quickly made all of his qualifications and schooling requirements to advance to Petty Officer Second Class and did so when he had enough time in service. He also began long distance classes for a degree in Engineering. Unlike his primary education he did much better scoring very high in all his classes. He was then sent to the USS Oregon where he completed his schooling and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Structural Engineering with a minor in Spatial Mechanics.

The USS Oregon brought not only an advancement in his education but it also lead to him meeting Petty Officer Third Class Elizabeth Poltz who was serving in the Science Department aboard the ship. At the end of her enlistment she requested a temporary extension on her current assignment and reserve status in order to remain with him. The pair made quite a couple and they were married by the Commanding Officer before his tour ended. At the conclusion of his tour and now a Petty Officer First Class he was sent to Alpha Centaur where he became a Company Commander (drill instructor) at the Enlisted Training Center on the planet. While serving at the planetary base his wife entered full reserve status and their first child a baby boy was born.

The family then moved back to Earth where then served as Lead Company Commander once again for Basic Training at the very training center he graduated from, as well as his wife. One of his proudest moments of his service occurred when he advanced to Chief Petty Officer and his father was present to pin his new rank on him choosing the pin that his father had given to him when he made Chief Petty Officer. Also while serving at Cape May him and his wife had another child this time a daughter named Rose after his wife's mother.

After completing his tour at Cape May he was ready to go back to a shipboard assignment and was thankful to have one where he could bring his family along. He was assigned to the USS Virginia as Chief of the Boat another very proud moment for him and of course he would still remain with Damage Control but as Chief of the Division. The USS Virginia was an amazing experience for him and he gained qualification as Officer of the Deck, Inport Duty Officer, and Engineering Officer of the Watch. He also began a Graduate Degree and completed his Masters Degree in Spatial Engineering and a minor in Warp Theory.

He advanced shortly after finishing his degree to Senior Chief Petty Officer and at the end of his tour. A few months prior to the end of his tour his wife elected to take the children back to Earth due to ailing parents. He has sense been reassigned as Chief of the Boat and Damage Control Chief aboard the USS Nicholson and is hoping to be reunited with his family soon.
Service Record JAN 2371 - Enlisted Starfleet - Crewman Recruit
JUN 2371 - Assigned Basic Training, Enlisted Training Center Cape May, NJ
DEC 2371 - Honor Graduate Basic Training, Crewman Apprentice
DEC 2371 - Assigned Security Department, Starfleet Academy
AUG 2372 - Promoted to Crewman
DEC 2372 - Assigned Damage Controlman A-School
JULY 2373 - Graduated A-School, High Honors, Damage Controlman Third Class (DC3)
AUG 2373 - USS Cairo, Damage Control Division, DC3
AUG 2375 - Promoted Damage Controlman Second Class (DC2)
AUG 2377 - USS Oregon, Damage Control Division, DC2
AUG 2380 - Promoted to Damage Controlman First Class (DC1)
AUG 2381 - Company Commander, Enlisted Training Center Alpha Centauri
AUG 2384 - Lead Company Commander, Enlisted Training Center Capemay, NJ
NOV 2384 - Promoted to Chief Damage Controlman (DCC)
AUG 2388 - USS Virginia, Chief of the Boat/Damage Control Chief (DCC)
2389 - Promoted to Senior Chief Damage Controlman (DCCS)
2390 - Assigned Chief of the Boat/Damage Control Chief