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Lieutenant JG Raine Dash

Name Raine Bowe Dash

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 143 lbs
Hair Color Blonde with Rainbow Tips
Eye Color Blue/Green
Physical Description Raine is a lithe blond that most men try and fail to keep their eyes off of. While not visibly muscled, she is stronger than she appears and keeps herself free of scars and such from the injuries she has. She has a tattoo of a raincloud across the small of her back with a bolt of lightning striking downwards from each edges.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Trellk Neagen
Mother Heayen Dash
Brother(s) Vior Dash
Sister(s) Patricia Dash
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Raine is what people would see as a stereotypical California blonde, as in almost too dumb to breathe. While from a casual view, this makes her seem incompetent, underneath hides someone who is rather quite competent, but it only seems to appear when it really needs to show. Raine tends to have a bubbly attitude and enjoys making friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses Outside of much in the way of weaponry and tactics, Raine is decent in the fields of Flight Control and Strategic Operations, having served in those two sections in her career as well. She enjoys significant knowledge in the area of Stellar Cartography because of her time at the helm. She has an interest in how things work, but is by no means an engineer. She has every intention of trying out other departments on a starship before settling down to just one.

Raine is neither the best nor the worst in weapons and tactics, holding the rate of Sharpshooter with the rifle and Marksman with the pistol. She enjoys shooting the bow and arrow as well and considers herself a William Tell (she isn't.). Her preferred 'form' of martial arts is just a hodge-podge of everything she's seen and encountered that seems to 'work for her'.

She has the full telepathic capabilties of one of the pure-blood Betazoids, but is stronger than most. She also has the extremely rare gift of telekinetics, but while her gift is powerful, she has no control over it and it typically only emerges in times of high stress or emotion.
Hobbies & Interests Baseball

Personal History Raine Dash was born into the Eighth House of Betazed, but to one of the lower scions of the House. Thus, while her chances of inheriting the Baton of Botwoxen were on the order of a catastrophic moon destabilization, she still had a rather luxurious life growing up. She was always a rough and tumble-type kid, running and playing sports, but had even attempted the more girly things, such as her single time at a beauty pageant when she was seven, finishing 33rd out of 41 contestants. Needless to say, she didn't care for it afterwards. Inevitably she was drawn into the world of the teenage girl, even while playing basketball as one of the tallest kids in her class overall, much less being a girl. That changed when she entered high school.

Even before school, she knew she could swim like a fish and one of the first things she did upon walking in the doors her freshman year was to quit basketball and join the swim team and the cheerleading squad. She never was the best swimmer on the team, but she always put in solid performances and ore than that, enjoyed herself. She spent the first two years setting the groundwork for what she had planned for her junior and senior years: To be Homecoming Queen. She narrowly missed it her junior year because of someone she had considered a friend, but won the crown her last year. Despite all the time she spent planning and scheming, swimming and cheerleading, she still managed to keep near perfect grades and was taken into the Academy immediately following her graduation from high school, when she was 17.

Rather than go to Earth's San Francisco campus, Raine opted to remain at the campus in Rixx, Betazed's capital city. True to the 'general ethos' of Betazoid society, Raine initially had enrolled in medical school, but quickly had transferred to counselling before transferring way out of that into Operations before the end of her first year. She didn't *mind* the gentler arts of healing, but she wasn't interested at the time. She spent half a year in the Operations focus before delving into Security and Law for a year. Her grades remained near-perfect throughout, but she lost her desire for the field and finally settled into the Helm department for the remainder of her time at the Academy.

She was immediately assigned to the USS Queensland as an ensign and became the primary shuttle support pilot on board, running the shuttle bay. She kept herself going for almost a year, twiddling her thumbs, optimizing schedules, studying the details of Stellar Cartography, but got very bored and finagled a transfer over to Strategic Operations. Her duties were rather new and shiny for the twenty-two year old woman to be able to focus on and learn, to the point where she was able to become rather decent at chess and other strategy games. She was transferred over to the USS Avalanche and was promoted to junior grade Lieutenant on the Sovereign-class ship.

She eventually did get tired of the same things over and over again and transferred to the sister department of Security/Tactical as the assistant chief of department in roughly mid-2388. She proceeded to utilize not only her time in the field as a Strategic Operations officer and the raining at the Academy. She finally decided that maybe she could settle in for a bit at the position, but buckled down. She did a good enough job to be recommended for the Nicholson's Chief of Security position when it opened up.
Service Record 2382-2386- Starfleet Academy
2386-2388- USS Queensland
2388-2390- USS Avalanche
2390-Pres.- Chief of Security, USS Nicholson