Lieutenant JG Stefan Ives

Name Stefan Michael Ives

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 178lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description An imposing man, Stefan reaches a height of six-foot three and weighs 178 pounds. His broad, sturdy frame carries a well-toned and sculpted physique. Stefan's hair is maintained exceptionally short, trimmed in an overtly neat style with hard lines and sharp angles. His eyes are hazel in color and offer a radiantly stark contrast comparable to his rich, espresso-pigmented skin tone. With very little body hair, Stefan's skin is smooth and supple. When he smiles, a dimple forms in the pocket of his right cheek. He has no permanent body art to speak of, however both of his ears are pierced and, when off-duty, he wears a pair of diamond studded earrings.


Spouse Not applicable at this time.
Children Not applicable at this time.
Father Lieutenant Commander Leonard Ives (42 years old), Chief Flight Control Officer of the USS Concord, KIA - deceased.
Mother Darlene Ives (57 years of age), Director of Residential Affairs on the Marsara Colony, Mars.
Brother(s) Not applicable at this time.
Sister(s) Not applicable at this time.
Other Family Not applicable at this time.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stefan is detail and task oriented. Occasionally prone to sarcasm and cynicism, he is an idealist with strong moral convictions about right and wrong, good and evil, and remains courageous about them. Among these ideals are the sanctity of life, galactic peace, universal education, elimination of poverty and the other unifying principles of the Federation. His behavior and mannerisms are affable yet can be socially conservative. He places a high premium on good manners and does his best to avoid confrontation. Surprising to many, he has an inherent need for recognition of his efforts and accomplishments and would like to be well-liked amongst his peers.

Stefan speaks Federation Standard. Outspoken with sarcastic witty tendencies, Stefan is bold and unabashed in social interactions of any kind, regardless of their level in grander. His voice is of a medium tenor that neither sways nor wavers, but retains great emotional qualities through strong inflections. He speaks in a very clear and concise manner that leaves little room for interpretation. He speaks with a Boston accent.
Strengths & Weaknesses Stefan's personality is atypical of the rigid inflexibility commonly associated with a peace officer. Comfortably extroverted, Stefan is outgoing, personable, friendly and approachable, subconsciously harnessing an innate ability to subdue any form of awkward tension allowing for his effortless integration into a wide-variety of different social groups. When he meets new people, they will more than likely become fast friends. An exceptionally patient and understanding man, Stefan strives to be categorically diplomatic and urbane, both in speech and action, preferring first and foremost to listen. He doesn't often lose his temper, choosing rather to refocus such energies into quickly assessing and categorically breaking down a situation. Stefan is far from selfish, so jealousy and possessiveness don't define him. He remains idealistic and free-spirited with a disarming sense of humor. He is generally well-liked and received regardless of the social circumstances and/or atmosphere.

Loyal to a fault, Stefan will invest the entirety of mind, body and soul into the care of his closest friends and family at the cost of his own physical and emotional well-being. It's easy for one to take advantage of his unflinching kindness and respect, leaving him vulnerable and susceptible to becoming emotionally compromised. Although free-spirited, Stefan can be quick to shut others out when he perceives that a line has been crossed and will hold a grudge for some time. At times Stefan doesn't think before speaking, his playfully sarcastic approach can often times be misinterpreted as condescension or a superiority complex. He can be quick to apologize, even when there is nothing to apologize for.
Ambitions Stefan's chief ambition is to advance his career with Starfleet Command.
Hobbies & Interests Stefan has a keen appreciation for the arts, but prefers photography above all other media, and considers himself to be an amateur photographer. He is an avid reader and writer, quite often utilizing a number of different media and resources to satisfy a variable number of literary interests. He is also honing a developing appreciation for music, which is slightly more limited, confined mostly to music from Earth. A passionate outdoorsman, Stefan enjoys a number of recreational activities that include four wheeling, snowmobiling, skiing (downhill and cross country), snowshoeing, camping (all seasons), backpacking, fly-fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking and mountain biking. Stefan generally enjoys games of chance and forms of recreation requiring an above-average amount of physical exertion (e.g.: water polo, field hockey, and traditional football.). Stefan enjoys socializing with his close friends and drinks during social or special occasions.

Personal History An only child to parents Darlene and Leonard, Stefan Michael Ives was born on stardate 36652.1 in Concord, Massachusetts. Stefan didn't know his father; Leonard was deemed a casualty of war in the fulfillment of duties while serving on board the USS Concord as the chief flight control officer during the course of the Dominion War.

Stefan was raised primarily by his mother Darlene, who worked for the residential affairs office coordinating the expansion of the civilian population for the Marsara Colony on Mars.

Service Record On stardate 52678.5, shortly after turning sixteen years of age and at the behest of Darlene, Stefan started attending a Starfleet Academy's Preparatory School. Offered as an alternative to the standard secondary school options for those intended for Starfleet Academy shortly after graduation, the preparatory school was chartered to provide a comprehensive introduction to academy life and culture while the students completed the rigid requirements of the school's intense curriculum. In many respects similar to Starfleet Academy, the preparatory school challenged the students academically, physically and psychologically to ensure proper acclimation to academy life. Stefan remembers this time as a humbling experience that presented an invaluable opportunity to better assimilate into the Academy. It also helped him to understand and fully realize the passion for following in his father's footsteps and becoming a Starfleet officer.

Ceremonies were held on the parade grounds on stardate 54360.1. Stefan graduated from the preparatory school with a full invitation of acceptance into Starfleet Academy at the start of the fall term.

Darlene and other close relatives were invited to the ceremonies and asked to participate in the advancement celebrations. There was a brief five day leave granted to graduates in which they could visit and socialize with family only prior to leaving for the Academy. Knowing that her son was striving to follow in her deceased husband's esteemed legacy, Darlene appreciated that this was Stefan's only way to truly come to know a man he'd struggled to understand during his youth. Because of Leonard's death so early in Stefan's life, he didn’t have the opportunity to know his father. For Stefan, there was this ghost of a memory who haunted his past, one he never could truly grasp until he experienced a life similar to his father's. That was why it was so important for him to follow in his father's footsteps.

Stefan entered Starfleet Academy located in San Francisco, California on stardate 54691.4. The first year at the academy was oriented under the premise of general studies, allowing for cadets to complete all prerequisite coursework prior to selecting a more refined specialization. Both semesters were academically grueling, requiring the cadets to complete over eighteen credit hours per semester while also mandating physical and survival training. Although showing intellectual prowess in the academics, Stefan excelled in the physical and survivalist training, showcasing exceptional skill in rapid assessment, instinctive response and resolution during abnormal stress-level situations. Unlike some of his peers, Stefan thrived in the academy's regimented environment and strict adherence to order and organization, a more refined extension of what the preparatory school had tutored him in.

At the conclusion of his first year, Stefan was invited into Starfleet Academy's security operations curriculum. Because Stefan’s first year grade point average was 94.9%, his grades were deemed more than acceptable to warrant an invitation into the program.

Stefan had intended on pursuing a specialization in flight control operations, like Leonard; however, his math scores were merely proficient, not meeting the prerequisites for flight control officers. After careful consideration, he accepted the offer from Starfleet Security and registered for the next semester of coursework.

After an intense four years, on stardate 58429.3 Stefan graduated from the academy with high achievements, accolades and a position on the academic honor roll including two letters of recommendation and one letter of commendation. Receiving the rank of ensign, Stefan received temporary leave, of which he spent quietly back in Concord, Massachusetts with family.

Declassified Historical Notation 01-Alpha: Contrary to official transcripts, Stefan was admitted to Starfleet Command's flight control operations program. Stefan was one of five cadets preselected to attend a classified academy pilot program whose advanced curriculum was intended to educate and train cadets for flight control operations on board slip-stream capable starships. Unlike the standard flight control operations courses, the pilot program introduced the advent of Starfleet's most technologically advanced engine systems that were in the simulation testing phase, yet slated to be employed on specified class of starship in 2385.

Starfleet Engineers had been feverishly working since the USS Voyager's return to find a way for that technology to work. Thanks to help from the ship's engineers and the best minds in the Federation, they had turned what was once a deadly technology into something that would revolutionize Starfleet's exploratory endeavors.

Transwarp was a complicated subject. Over the years, Starfleet had encountered and developed many different technologies that could be called by that name. From the USS Excelsior and her revolutionary new drive that improved efficiency at high warp, to Borg transwarp conduits, to Borg transwarp coils, to the Voth, and to a littany of other technologies. Quantum Slipstream, a sophisticated form of transwarp, was first brought to Starfleet's attention by Arturis, a malicious alien that attempted to have Voyager's crew assimilated.

Using a deflector field, a starship may penetrate the quantum barrier, a speed barrier that occurs at Warp 10, where a ship would need to be producing infinite energy in normal subspace. Past the quantum barrier, however, the ship is manipulating another layer of the space-time continuum: quantum subspace, and then operates on an entirely seperate warp scale, above the standard, where more attainable energy requirements are available.

Declassified Historical Notation 01-1-Alpha: Due to the sensitive security nature of the pilot program and the slip-stream technology, Stefan was granted an exceptionally high security clearance and provided a temporary career alias within Starfleet Security until such time that the implemented technologies came to fruition.

After a two week shoreleave, Stefan was recalled to San Francisco by Starfleet Security where he received official orders for a three-year tour of duty assigned as a security officer at Starfleet Command. Stefan used this time to advance his own education in his field of study, refining his skillfully trained discipline and better preparing for an off-world deployment.

During this time, Stefan was also promoted to the rank of lieutenant junior grade and handpicked to join the security detachment that ensured the safety and protection of Starfleet's Commander-in-Chief.

The USS Discovery was a newly commissioned Intrepid-class starship assigned to Starfleet Cartography's scientific outreach programs near the edge of the Sol System. With a veteran Senior Staff comprised of seasoned and experienced officers, the commanding officer required all department heads to select their assistants from a pool of candidates with almost no shipboard experience.

On stardate 62001.0, Stefan was selected to assume the position of assistant chief security officer on board the Discovery. Because a greenhorn in his shipboard experiences, Stefan's direct superior officer guided him under a mentorship program that lasted throughout the five-year tour of duty. His mentor expected nothing less than absolute perfection in Stefan's professional life; his expectations for maintaining this high level of excellence came with some rigorous teachings that served to enhance Stefan's overall experience while also drawing out inherent leadership qualities previously left untapped.

Due to the nature of the Discovery's versatile role in the Sol System, its assignment saw fulfillment in a diverse range of successful missions ranging from diplomatic in nature, to planetary relief efforts to defensive posturing and border patrol. This allowed for greenhorn officer's to accumulate a varied array of experience while signing off on continuing education and elective fulfillments. No two missions were ever the same and each served to test the Greenhorn's on multiple levels, requiring them to draw from previous experiences, yet adapt while implementing new, untested theories.

At the conclusion of his assignment on board the Discovery, Stefan received orders for a five-year tour of duty on board the USS Lancelot serving as its assistant chief security and tactical officer.

During his first and only mission on board the Lancelot, Stefan played a pivotal role in the successful search and rescue operation of the Sheffield's crew and passenger manifest, chief among them the Lancelot's commanding officer Commodore James Smith, former executive officer Commander Taylor Fields, Cardassian security officer Ensign Teravek Gukkal, head nurse Lieutenant Jacob Sheppard and engineering officer Ensign Rayasrihasti Emarinsani.

The Lancelot lost communication with and long range sensor readings of the Sheffield, who had chartered a course back to the sol system shortly after leaving the Sierra Sector. Upon immediate investigation, the Lancelot learned that the Sheffield had crash landed on the only M-class planet located within a cloaked star system designated by Starfleet Cartography as X24-98A I. The M-class planet, itself, was discovered to home a bronze-age civilization who retained distinct physiological and cultural similarities to Earth's ancient Roman society.

Additional details of this mission are still forthcoming, yet remain classified by Starfleet Command due to further analysis and study conducted by Starfleet Cartography, Starfleet Security and Intelligence as well as Starfleet Medical.

Declassified Historical Notation 01-02-Alpha: Stefan's original assignment as a security officer to Starfleet Command was intended for continuing his education at ground zero in the advancing development of the slip-stream technology. While implementation of this technology had yet to occur, Stefan continued the rigorous simulated training exercises associated with its eventual use. Starfleet Command wanted to ensure that, even after graduation from the academy, that each of the five cadets originally admitted to the pilot program remained completely involved in the continuation of its study.

Declassified Historical Notation 01-03-Alpha: Known only to the USS Discovery's commanding officer and chief security and tactical officer, Stefan was temporarily assigned to the Intrepid-class starship for the purpose of applying study to reality.

During his primary and continuing education at the academy, Stefan was required to study the complex specifications and design of the Intrepid-class starship. It was revealed shortly before this assignment, that the slip-stream drive was to be installed on a specific class of starship. With Voyager's limited success in employing the use of slip-stream technology to their benefit, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers hoped that after decades of study and testing, they could successfully reproduce the drive effects on the same class of starship. It had been decided midway through the project analysis that the Intrepid-class starship would be the ideal testing platform for the drive itself.

The intent behind Stefan's assignment to the Discovery was to physically study the finer intricacies of starship operations on board an Intrepid-class starship. Although he assumed the regular duties of an assistant chief security officer, Stefan spent much of his time continuing his training, yet putting it to practical use.

Declassified Historical Notation 01-04-Alpha: After a five year tour of duty on the Discovery, Stefan was temporarily reassigned to the USS Lancelot operating out of the Sierra Sector. The Lancelot was a part of an overall fleet operating within an expanse of space whose area of operations ranged from the Sierra Sector to the Cygnus Sector codenamed Dark Frontiers. Dark Frontiers was to be the ideal testing ground for the slip-stream drive.

By the time Stefan had been reassigned, he'd been told that the slip-stream drive had been successfully implemented into a retrofitted Intrepid-class starship known as the USS Achilles. The location of the Achilles remained classified and Stefan received orders to assume a brief holding pattern until otherwise notified. However, he did receive a classified package detailing the advanced design and deck-by-deck specifications and layout of the Achilles. Appearing inherently Intrepid in its exterior, the interior was of a uniquely new configuration ideally designed for the optimal use of the drive itself.

Declassified Historical Notation 01-05-Alpha: At the conclusion of his first mission on board the Lancelot, Stefan was recalled to Earth where he received orders from Starfleet Command. Upon returning, Stefan was reunited with the other four cadets who had participated in the academy pilot program. Each underwent rigorous medical and psychological evaluation while, at the same time, testing their knowledge and skill in the flight control operations of slip-stream technologies through intensive simulated exercises. After three weeks of evaluation, of the five cadets, Stefan was selected to assume the position of chief flight control officer of the Achilles while the other four would report directly to him as subordinates.

  • Stardate 52678.5 - 54360.1: Paris, France; Earth, Sol System | Starfleet Academy Preparatory School.

  • Stardate 54691.4 - 58429.3: San Francisco, California; Earth, Sol System | Starfleet Academy | Cadet Freshman Grade to Cadet Senior Grade.

  • Stardate 58474.9 - 61932.5: Starfleet Command, San Francisco, California; Earth, Sol System | Ensign to Lieutenant JG | Security Officer | Special Security Detachment.

  • Stardate 62001.0 - 65225.1: USS Discovery (Intrepid-class starship) | Lieutenant JG | Assistant Chief Security Officer.

  • Stardate 65225.1: USS Lancelot (Nebula-class starship) | Lieutenant | Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer.

  • Stardate 66204.0: USS Achilles (Intrepid-class starship) | Lieutenant | Chief Flight Control Officer.

  • Stardate 66773.8: USS Nicholson (Akira-class starship) | Lieutenant | Chief Flight Control Officer.