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Lieutenant Serabe Kora

Name Serabe Kora

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 135
Hair Color Rich red
Eye Color Heterochromatic: Left eye jade green, right eye solid blue.
Physical Description Kora Serabe makes the most of her inches, standing up straight, but relaxed. She walks with energy and purpose. Her figure is solidly medium, neither skinny nor curvaceous, and her fingers are long and large-knuckled. Her unusual eye color is just enough to put many people ill at ease until they get used to her.


Children Kora Nara (adopted)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Serabe may have been bitter in her younger years, but never jaded. She is always looking for something new to learn or try. She views her life as fresh every morning. However, she also has a straight-forward, sometimes fatalistic demeanor, especially in her work, making her a very strange mixture of total optimist and extreme pessimist... which she calls "realist".

She is determined to make the most of every opportunity.
Strengths & Weaknesses Serabe can be intensely focused, especially when she is solving a problem, but she tends to forget other people exist while doing so. She is very intelligent, but her mind jumps quickly and easily from one thing to another. Divergent thinking is in itself both a strength and a weakness.

As a doctor, she can be compassionate, but she is also very straightforward and doesn't mince words. She is also quite capable of being ruthless when considering solutions, probably as an effect of the atrocities she has seen.

Serabe is a jack of all trades, but rarely sticks with one long enough to gain more than a passing ability with it.
Ambitions Having spent most of her life trying to evade both Starfleet and her own destiny, Serabe is now embracing both... with a certain fatalistic amusement.
Hobbies & Interests Serabe has interests in both xenobiology, her focus, and pharmacology. She also enjoys cooking creatively. Any other hobbies or interests are fairly transient, and she only sticks with them until they bore her. She has scattered one-off projects, many of them unfinished, throughout her life.

Personal History Kora Serabe has spent much of her life running away from her own destiny.

Serabe grew up during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. She spent much of her childhood either hiding or fighting, and learned how to do a little bit of everything that needed to be done. A local Vedek told her, when she was a young teenager, that the Prophets had destined her to aid in the healing of the rifts between the two warring peoples. Serabe had suffered terribly in the war, and decided privately that she wanted nothing to do with the Cardassians and didn't care to heal them in any way. That was the night that she removed her earring... but she did not throw it away.

A few years later, when she was seventeen, Serabe lied about her age in order to find work on a smuggler's ship that had lost its cook while trying to smuggle needed food and medicines to her embattled Bajoran town. She worked for them for several months and then left them on a Federation Starbase, some credits in her pocket and a universe full of choices. She did not want to join Starfleet.

Serabe continued to wander. She stayed aboard one freighter as the medic's assistant, learning the trade. She started and ran a small restaurant on a remote mining world. She worked for the Master-at-Arms on another smuggling ship. Each place she went, she never stayed long. Sometimes she lost money and property, sometimes she gained. Ten years later, about two years after the Dominion War, she sat in a cafe at Deep Space Nine and contemplated her life. No matter what she did, she never managed to find peace. Finally, with a sigh of relief mixed with regret, she went back to her rented quarters and put her earring back on. The next day, she put all of her earnings towards tuition at a Federation medical university. She did not want to join Starfleet.

Serabe was now older than most of the other medical students. Rather than holding herself aloof, she explored this new student's life and regained a bit of the carefree childhood she'd never had. She studied hard and did reasonably well. When the time came to select her focus, she picked xenobiology. She suspected that she would need that knowledge if she was to fulfill this destiny for which she still did not appreciate being chosen. When she graduated in the upper middle rank of her class, she had a few choices for her residency. One was a charitable organization with millennia of experience - Doctors Without Borders. The other required joining Starfleet and working at a starbase near Klingon territory. Serabe chose the charity. She did not want to join Starfleet.

"Doctors Without Borders" promptly assigned her to a Cardassian colony that had been nearly utterly destroyed during the Dominion War and had not even begun to recover in the intervening years.

Serabe's resignation became determination as she realized how the Cardassian colonists were suffering. She realized, now that she was facing her long-time enemy, that she did not want them to suffer as she had suffered. She cared about them in a way she never imagined. She also found, to her shock and dismay, that there was much of their culture that she could respect.

When she was several months away from finishing her residency, Serabe was investigating an old ruin where she thought she had heard noises when it nearly collapsed on her, driving her further within it and trapping her inside. While she was trying to get out, she tracked the noise she'd heard to an abandoned Cardassian infant. This was perhaps the biggest test of her change in heart, and she passed it with flying colors. She took the infant and cared for it the best she could as she tried to find a way out, refusing to take the paths that she would have only been able to take without the baby. By the time she was found and brought to safety, a week later, she had already bonded with the baby and staunchly refused to give it up.

Of course, a Bajoran doctor with a Cardassian baby didn't have nearly as many options. After her residency, Serabe searched for a place where she would feel safe and comfortable bringing up "her" new daughter, whom she'd named Nara. In the best interests of the girl, Serabe wound up doing the one last thing she had never intended to do.

She signed up with Starfleet.

Serabe was able to negotiate a commission and a starting rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade due to her life experience, but she still needed to learn the ropes of Starfleet Regulations... which meant that she got thrown into an accelerated program at Starfleet Academy. Now, fresh out of the Academy and with a 'yearling' in tow, Serabe signed up for several Starfleet Medical Officer positions. One of them was for the USS Nicholson.

Despite her rank, she couldn't have hoped that she would make Chief this early in her career.