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Lieutenant MuRiel

Name MuRiel

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Qwi
Age 17

Physical Appearance

Height 8"
Weight 25 oz
Hair Color White
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description MuRiel's humanoid mecha:

MuRiel's 'Mu Industries type P2501 humanoid encounter mech' is a gleaming, chrome-plated robot standing around 6' tall, weighing in excess of 300 pounds. It's an elegant, curvy machine with a broad purple stripe running down the front, and glowing purple eyes. It moves almost entirely silently, having excellent sound-dampening built into the joints. It can function in the cold harsh vacuum of space, having built-in maneuvering thrusters and life support.

A broad-band subspace communication suite is also built-in, along with a multi-spectrum sensor suite and a spotlight. The unit operates on a built-in non-replacable powerpack, giving it up to 72 hours of full function or 360 hours of standby time on a single charge. A full charge takes about 5 hours to complete.


In shape like any other Qwi, standing a smidge over 20 cm tall and weighing a mere 700 grams. To a viewer reminiscent perhaps of a rodent, with a slightly oversized head, which in turn holds large eyes. Powerful hind legs and nimble arms, an crest-like structure on top of her head and a long tail with a fuzzy tuft at the end of it complete her look.

Her fur is overall a shimmering white with an almost metallic glimmer to it. Along her back and tail are purple markings, of the same color as the pattern on her face and the rings around her large, golden eyes. Finally, the tuft on her tail and her tiny hands are the same purple color.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father NaKugo
Mother MuGiav
Brother(s) MuGuto, MuNira
Sister(s) MuHueg

Personality & Traits

General Overview On duty MuRiel is an industrious and diligent officer who takes her job seriously. She is a perfectionist, and can often be found working overtime, trying to eek that one last percent of resolution from the sensors. She's also a very calm personality who likes to think things through before saying or doing them.

Off duty she does tend to let her proverbial hair down a bit more. She's approachable, friendly and openminded, though here too her calm and contemplative nature shines through. She does have a sense of humor and likes a good joke. She can act a little bit skittish though, especially when startled. This is part of the Qwi identity, being essentially evolved from prey-species.
Strengths & Weaknesses Being a methodical perfectionist, MuRiel's work can be counted upon to be complete and extensive. And sometimes late.

Her robotic suit offers several benefits, such as enhanced sturdiness, an ability to function in vacuum, resistance against cold and heat, and multi-spectrum sensors.

However, it also has a few drawbacks: increased weight compared to federation standard humanoids, and lacking the agility, speed and responsiveness of a biological humanoid body.
Ambitions To have a star named after her. Or a starship. Or a planet. Or a radiation. It doesn't matter, she just wants something scientific and / or awesome named after her.
Hobbies & Interests Her robotic encounter mech is not only her portal to a universe designed for the standard humanoid form, it's also her most proud possession and her greatest project. She can often be found tinkering with it, adjusting settings, getting it to function just that 0.01% better.

She's also a sap for movies, especially the epic and / or romantic kind. As long as there's a happy ending. She loves happy endings.

Other than that she's discovered a taste for a specific old-earth instrument called the 'piano' and has adapted her encounter mech to allow her to play.

Personal History The Qwi are a race of intelligent rodent like creatures from Voltare III. They're very small for their intelligence, standing between 7" and 9" tall for an adult. The average Qwi can reach an age of 50 earth standard years, and reaches adulthood at around 7 earth years.

Being naturally energetic and intelligent, the Qwi have become known as a race of gifted engineers and scientists. Qwi technology has become standard throughout the federation in the 70 years that they've been a member species, and has been incorporated in everything from the Galaxy class starships and every ship designed after it to portable computer cores. Many highly capable scientists and engineers have been Qwi.

One field in engineering science the Qwi specialise in is the field of robotics. Their robotic constructs allow the diminuitive Qwi to interact with the many relatively enormous humanoid races of Federation space on equal terms. One household name in the field of Qwi robotics is the Mu family, who own one of the largest personal assistant mecha factories on Voltare III.

Mecha magnate MuGiav's youngest daughter, MuRiel, however elected not to follow in her mother's pawsteps but instead set out to enlist in the Federation Academy. At first she wanted to become an engineer, but eventually she chose to become a scientist instead. To a Qwi, science and engineering are almost the same thing anyways. One is just more practically oriented and the other more theoretically.

Piloting a Mu industries P2501 humanoid encounter mech (Top of the line, a present from her mother) MuRiel passed her studies with flying colors. After graduation she was assigned to a small Nova class survey vessel exploring deep space. An assignment she found fascinating, and a job in which she performed exemplary.

After a few years, the young officer applied for the position of Chief Scientist onboard the USS Nicholson, and a new chapter in this Qwi's life story began ...