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Lieutenant JG Katlynn "Kitty" Fox

Name Katlynn "Kitty" Bree Fox

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 1.64m
Weight 50kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kitty is a petite woman, with very little in the way of extra fat or figure. She tends to keep her hair cropped short, at least a couple inches above her shoulders, though it's colour is subject to change on Kitty's whims. Off duty, her clothing choices are eclectic enough that the only way one would understand her style is to experience it in full, though long toe-socks seem to be a common denominator.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Benjamin Rainer Fox
Mother Ellianna Corrine Lodwick-Fox (deceased)
Brother(s) CPO Edwin Benjamin Fox, USS Nicholson
Rainer Aaron Fox
Sister(s) Aria Corrine Fox-Kemp
Other Family Lt. Commander Lando Lodwick (cousin), USS Daedalus

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kitty is a one-winged social butterfly, friendly to almost anyone, but somewhat inept and sometimes unapproachable due to her interests. When she's it a good mood (which is 99.9% of the time) she's got more energy than a pair of kindergartners on sugar, and is typically focusing that energy into her work or hobbies, though occasionally she'll decide to run or swim it off in the gym.

Kitty does not deal well with long-term emotional stress or personnel losses. Incredibly reliable and steady under immediate pressure, especially combat situations. Can focus well on a given task within the engineering discipline, but can be aloof and unfocused outside of it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kitty is a very passionate woman about a limited number of things, and tends to be briefly interested at best about other things and apathetic at worst. Because of her hyperfocus in certain facets of the human existence, she tends to come across as socially inept, though her bright attitude tends to persuade her peers to forgive her.
Ambitions Kitty lives for her work and hobbies, and is happy just learning and experiencing all that those things have to offer. She wants to return one day to take over the family pride and joy - the Fox Museum of Motive History.
Hobbies & Interests Kitty's unique position as the daughter of the owner of an unmatched collection of motive history allowed her to find her passion at a very young age - motorsports. Gasoline, alcohol, diesel, electricity, steam, plasma, wind - it didn't matter what as long as it went and she could figure out how it worked. As she grew, her interests focused in two and four wheeled motorsports and space travel and have only grown stronger with time.

Personal History Katlynn "Kitty" Bree Fox was born and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the daughter of Benjamin Fox, a wealthy, eccentric collector, and Ellianna Lodwick-Fox, a shrewd business woman. While her older brothers took after their mother, she was her father's little girl, every bit as eccentric as he was. Kitty spent her childhood in her father's pet project, the Fox Museum of Motive History, learning everything she could about the facinating objects in the massive museum and beginning work there as a tour guide and restoration specialist as soon as she was old enough.

While Benjamin's money could buy just about anything for her, and indeed did, there were things her father's money couldn't buy, and that irritated the young, spoiled Kitty to no end. Her biggest frustration was his utter inability to obtain a working starship - a Galaxy class would have suited her just fine. So as soon as she could feasably make it in (she hadn't exactly been an example of a model student in grade school), she joined the academy.

Kitty promptly found that the Academy and it's Engineering tack were not at all what she expected them to be. Most shocking to her was her equivalence to everyone else, she was no longer a little princess to be doted upon. Not only did her family's 'statuts' or money mean nothing, but her father cut her off after a few months when she refused to come home - his little girl would not be running off to galavant among the stars when she belonged on Earth. In truth, his ultimatum is what pushed Kitty not to drop out of the academy, dispite all the problems she had adjusting to a relatively normal social environment and military disipline.

Kitty graduated middle of her class simply by the law of averages - she excelled in anything she could apply to her passions and squeaked by in anything that she found boring. Her first assignment was aboard the USS Ayreon as a Propultion Specialist. After two years on he Ayreon, she had proven herself a capable leader and technician dispite her shortcomings and was promoted to Lt. Junior Grade and Assistant Chief Engineering Officer when the former ACEO was reassigned as a Chief on his own ship. After spending another two years mellowing and learning on the Ayreon, her CEO finally got a little tired of her ever upbeat enthusiastic attitude and recommended her for transfer and promotion to Chief of Engineering on her own ship, the USS Nagasaki.

Kitty found her niche on the Nagasaki, excelling through the hardship and victories of the ship. She founded many friendships aboard, including the strongest friendship of her life with the one and only Cor Cordale, thux engineer extraordinaire. It didn't take long for the two to become inseparable, former misfits in society but each other's support and confidant.

Unfortunately for Kitty, those days did not last long. After a rescue mission to Grahame turned into a battle with the terrorist organization Hand of Odin, the Nagasaki was left crippled and the senior crew were sent on a top secret mission to seek out and destroy the Hand if possible. The mission ended in disaster for Kitty and Cor, who barely escaped their dying ship and spent the next months on the run in uncontrolled space trying to re-establish contact with Star Fleet.

When they were finally retrieved by SF, they were both put on mandatory leave for evaluation and reintegration into the fleet. While Cor coped well and was reassigned quickly, Kitty was kept off duty for two years for counseling and monitoring, and only just managed to earn reassignment accounting to the perpetual shortage of good engineers.