Rules of Acquisition

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With information from the folks at Tergol Station in hand, the crew of the Nicholson sets off for their next destination: Ferenginar. The information gathered on Tergol points them toward the black market on Ferenginar. Now all the crew has to do is find the black market, infiltrate it, and get information about the Romulan Warlord without getting caught. Easy as pie... right?

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The Hunt

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With information that will lead to the location of the Romulan Warlord in hand, Joe and company set off on the final hunt. He is hidden in an asteroid field which may or may not be swarming with Romulan fighters and traps. Only a game of wits and guile will determine who is the hunter... and the prey.

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Starbase 192

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With the Romulan Warlord defeated, Joe and Company return to Starbase 192 to rendezvous with the USS Sedgemoor and restock for the next mission.

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The Chimera

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The USS Nicholson is ordered to intercept the SS Chimera, a known black market smuggling ship with ties to stolen Federation R&D, Prototypes, and other military tech and secrets. Little do they know that this will send them on a critical mission where the safety of the galaxy will hang in the balance.

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SHORE LEAVE: Tergol Station

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After having nearly been bested by a still-unknown Romulan warlord, the USS Nicholson makes a mad dash to the nearest Federation Friendly station it can find: Tergol Station. While having their computer purged of the Romulan computer virus, the crew must use the less-than-admirable lot aboard the station to try and find out more about their warlord. Meanwhile, Ethan Cain must try and prove his innocence of any involvement with the Chimera incidence after some very damming circumstantial evidence pops up.

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The Shakedown

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The USS Nicholson is sent en route to intercept a rogue vessel, but in the crew has to bang out a shakedown on the way. No pressure!

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