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Posted on Mon Nov 12th, 2012 @ 8:42pm by Lieutenant JG Audrey Bishop

Computer, begin personal log.

Audrey Bishop's voice is strained. The sound of pacing can be heard.

I'm not sure why I am doing this. I should report what I heard to my superiors, not pace in my office talking to myself, but...

Cain is my superior, and the Security Chief. Who do I tell? I'd have to go to the XO, or even the CO. But what if I am wrong? As second in command of security, shouldn't I investigate, or at least get a little more information before I say anything? I don't want to waste their time if it turns out this was authorized, or...

Maybe it wasn't what it looked like. Perhaps Cain was ordered to... no, then why would he try so hard to conceal the message from the ship? Maybe he is working on some special assignment for Starfleet Intelligence, something he had to keep secret even from the Commander? No, I've read his file. Intel wouldn't touch Cain with a ten foot pole, and he wouldn't work with them anyway.

Audrey sighs.

Who am I kidding? Cain is a criminal, a smuggler and a thief. He might wear a uniform now, but I think I know where his true loyalties lie. Whether he was trying to warn them, or find out if their cargo is worth skimming to sell later, I don't know. Either way, it can't be good.

Duty says I reveal this information. But.... Captain Rhimer and Starfleet trust him. I... don't. But if they do... I suppose I should give Cain the benefit of the doubt?

There is the sound of Audrey sitting on the couch. Her voice becomes tinged with resignation, and some anxiety.

I will wait, then, for the time being. But I'll watch Cain, and if he gives any indication that message compromised the mission I will immediately go to command. If the Chimera has fled, or is ready for us, then I will have evidence that he betrayed us. Besides, Cain will be on the Bridge. It's not like he can do any harm from there, at least not without the Commander seeing.

Audrey's commbadge chimes. She taps it, and a second voice enters the log <.i>

Lieutenant Bishop, you are needed on the bridge.

Audrey's voice becomes confused

What? I though Lieutenant Cain was on the bridge.

Lieutenant Cain has joined the away team, sir.

Oh, no.... Computer, end log.


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