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Posted on Fri Nov 16th, 2012 @ 3:51am by Lieutenant Cor Cordale

Cor padded around the spacious expanse of his quarters. Chief Engineers got much bigger living spaces then crew, which made his belongings seem spaced out too far. Overhead, suspended by fiber optic cable, were models of various starships frozen in time and space while engaged in an epic battle. He'd need to get more stuff to fill the empty spaces, but that'd just mean when he took his next post he'd have too much stuff.

He walked over to a desk, with some duty rosters, proposals for upgrades, and brushed them to the side. The only thing unmoved was a set of keys which Cor picked up with his living hand. He gave a chuckle as he tossed them in the air and caught them a few times.

"Computer. Personal log entry." and the computer chimed that it was ready to begin taking the Thux's dictation.

A deep breath, he hated talking to no one... so he turned to face a mirror, and started to talk. "Chief engineer's log. It's about 2145 hundred hours, way past my bedtime." he chuckled, then set the keys down gently. The next item he picked up as he walked around his quarters was an image frame of himself and Kitty. He held the frame in his mechanical hand, as gentle as he could manage. "Chief Engineer, it sounds nice. Kitty made it look so easy, I swear to the Source that girl is smarter then she lets on. She's pretty awesome, really." he paused, and set the frame down. "Listen to me, babbling on. *ahem* This is the second Akira-Class I've served on, so it's kinda like cheating really. I know where all her faults are, know what's going to break, so I can make suggestions ahead of time and look like a damn genius, rather then last time, where we were scrabbling about with chewing gum patching holes. Precognitive Engineering." he smirked, "I think they called it the Montgomery Effect back in Academy." he smirked, "Eww've got tah giv'er all eww've got!" he said in a horrible approximation of an Earth Scottish accent, followed by a chuckle.

"The crew here's nice. Friendly and warm, which is a welcome change. It's nice to talk to someone and have them see an Engineer, rather then a walking rug with a shiny arm. Well, there's one little lady on the ship who calls me a Teddy Bear, but she's like... two or three years, so I let it slide." he chuckled. The next thirty seconds were silence. Dead space...

"I think Kitty's broken. I don't know what they did to her, but she's not the same. She hardly smiles, she doesn't wear her rainbow socks, and the blue is almost washed out of her hair. It's little things like that that let me know that they did some damage to her." he paused, "They, being a rehab center. She told me that *they* didn't want us working together. Like what, I'm some bad influence? Like I'd hurt her more then they did?" Cor's pacing picked up speed, he was practically orbiting his quarters at this point, his voice's volume raising slightly.

"She went through hell, we all did, but it hit her hardest. She was innocent, and... and it must have been hell for her. We make it out of there in the Pork Chop, then we get separated and ..." he paused again, his breathing quick. "She must have been so scared, and now she's ... she's hardly herself. She's the closest thing I have to family, she's like my damned sister, and I love her to death, but I couldn't protect her."

Cor took a few good breaths to calm himself. It wasn't by coincidence that he ordered high-tensile desks and furniture for his quarters. Everyone gave him the eye, but he was more concerned with the hand. Many a desk in his quarters needed replacing eventually.

"Computer." followed by a chime. "... Delete that entire log."

A pause. A beep.

"Chief engineer's log. It's about 2200 hundred hours, way past my bedtime." he didn't chuckle this time....


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