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The suckage continues..

Posted on Sat Jan 5th, 2013 @ 10:04am by Lieutenant Commander Ileana Cortez

The chaos around ship has finally started to calm down. Doors are back up if they were taken down. Bodies are all in the sickbay's morgue. I'm sitting here in my room with half working lights in the middle of a mess. There's goo on the floor that used to be someone. My pet is still running amok somewhere loose on the ship. And I've a message routed to my room in the middle of all of this that my father is in jail again, so the neighbor is watching my dogs.


This is not my favorite week.

So I grab a quick shower, change, and try to put a call through to my dad. After a lot of administrative crap I finally was able to get him to a console where something like this went down:

Me: What did you do now?
Dad: Eh, the usual. You know I get that itch-
Me: And pick a fight?
Dad: No.. But I ended it. Princessa, you know me. This won't change.
Me: Yeah, yeah.. Carlita told me she has the pups. You owe her a new fence panel, too.
Dad: (laugh) I'll drive some posts for her..
Me: ......
Me: .........
Me: ..Ew..

The rest of the conversation pretty much revolved around his mass imbibing of beer, the sudden mass lack of beer and how I should have seen the other guy. This.. this is pretty much how these conversations always go. He can't stay away from the bottle. And when he's got it, he fights. It's like one of those tiny angry roosters with the long tails- take that however you want- that's my dad.

Next I tried to call Elliot because I feel like crap and I want a pick me up. There was no picture, but after a bit I got a response.

Eli: Hi honey. Broke the comm thing. No picture. Sorry..
Me: ..What did you do?
Eli: I was extra clumsy yesterday. Long story. What's wrong?
Me: Why ask what's wrong?
Eli: ..because it hasn't been two weeks and you're calling, so something's wrong, right?
Me: Just a long day..

So I told him as indirectly as possible that there'd been a fight the other day and some people died, which I glossed over quickly by telling him that I missed him. He suggested that I try a bubble bath and some chocolate. Really, what planet does he live on? Deaths equal chocolate?

Then he hurriedly tells me that he has to go and that he won't be making the event next month. That was his science expo thing, mind you, but I'm still upset. It was the best excuse I had to draw him to a similar area for the last three months. I understand that most of his work takes place way the hell out there, but when are we supposed to get together? Long distance relationships still connect every six months or so, right? I starter to ask when we were rescheduling, but he had to go and said that he'd try to call later.

So now I'm extra pissy.

Why do I feel like this is just the beginning of a whole lot of shit rolling downhill, fast? Maybe I'm just too emotional right now and it won't seem like such a big deal later. I'm just tired..


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