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Posted on Tue Aug 27th, 2013 @ 4:34pm by Lieutenant JG Bryan Buckner & Lieutenant JG Shya Karn & Lieutenant Serabe Kora

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Tergol Station

"...and so you SEE I didn't mean to step on your... um..tail?" Shya had never seen a creature quite like this. She smiled a wide smile.
"I really didn't MEAN to step on you. I'm very very sorry."

The oozing creature before her half barked half yelled and began to advance.

"Now, I'm .. I'm sure we can come to some sort of a .." She began to backpedal, climbing over baskets, a cart .. was that a child?..."An amicable compromise....crap!"
The counselor swatted her com badge.
=/\= Lt K-AHHHHH!=/\=

A low grade phaser blast burned past the oozing creatures face, stopping him short of chomping down on the Nicholson's Chief Counselor as Bryan Buckner approached, phaser raged.

The Gibulan turned and glared at him, orcking out some strange series of grunts and chortles. Bryan, surprisingly replied in kind.
This exchange went on for a moment or so, until finally the Gibulan raised his forward appendages into the air and turned and slugged away, muttering what was most likely obsenities as he went.

Bryan offered the counselor a hand up off of the carts, "Gibulans are always cranky when they travel. Dry air makes them chafe... and uh... that wasn't his tail that you stepped on."

Shya looked at him in confusion for a moment. "Then what wa-" She stopped and looked at him in horror.
"You don't mean it was his..." Her eyes went very wide as her hand flew to her gaping mouth.
"His ...."

"Reproductive Gland... I think the call it the uh... Natal node." He explained as he helped the woman off of her perch.

"This time of year it hangs behind them and gets really big and sore... that probably hurt a lot. It'll split off and become a new Gibulan in a few more months," He explained.

"Oh CRAP. That poor, poor ..uh..fella? Well, thank you, thank you VERY much for you help." Shya held out her hand.
"I'm Lt Shya Karn, from the Nicholson. You, Sir, just saved THIS kitteh's bacon!"

"They're asexual, so... not really gal or fella," Bryan explained. "I'm Bryan Buckner, I thought I'd seen you around. I'm an Engineering Officer on the Nicholson." He explained.

"I had one of those ugly mugs for a roommate for a while when I was posted to a Starbase... you have never smelled foul until you've lived with one of those things during their molting season."

The Counselor winced. "Ugh, I'll take your word for it. You're on the Nic, too, huh? OK,thought you smelled a bit familiar." Shya chuckled.
"Now, before you get offended, that wasn't a dig... everyone from the ship sorta has a bit of the same smell, ya know? Thought I got a whiff of it off of you. Nothing bad, promise."
She nodded back to where she had just climbed from.
"So thanks for that. You're a pretty good shot with that. Mind if I take a peek at that? I REALLY like phasers."

"Ah, it's just a civilian stunner. Nothing like the fancy Mark III phasers we get on the Nicholson," He said with a smile, offering it to her. "But boy, it'll put you in a hurt if you get tagged by it."

No sooner had the last word come out of his mouth than the beam of light shot out of the phaser and tagged him in the foot.
"Oh!!! CRAP!! I'm SO SORRY!!" Shya fumbled to stop shooting her new friend and savior in the foot and in the process set the very cart she had just been sitting on on fire.

Bryan stood stock still, staring at the burning cart, a pained look on his face as he stared. He was biting his lower lip to keep from screaming out as his whole left side went numb.

"Didn't know it could do that," He whimpered hoarsely as the station's auto fire suppression systems kicked online. "Why don't you give me that back, huh?" How had she even managed to fire it? The safety was on... no one could be that bad with phase-weaponry, right?

Shya shrugged and handed him the phaser, shooting herself in the process.
"NNngggghhhh!!!!!" She cried, dropping the phaser.
'Luckily' only the tips of her fingers had been grazed.

The Counselor gritted her teeth and cradled her hand. "I'm....not so....NNNgggggghhhhh.....good with weapons."
She dropped to her knees.
"Hurts a bit."

"Holy christ, no kidding..." Bryan said, blankly, suddenly realizing that the gun was no where near her hand and diving for it on the floor.

Sooo... later on in Medical, Shya stared at the floor.
"I really didn't mean to nearly shoot his foot off."

"You didn't... until the second time you shot me in the foot. That was sorta close range," Bryan said, trying to sound as light hearted and casual as possible.

Shya frowned. "I'm really sorry, Bryan. I REALLY didn't mean to hurt you. I just REALLY REALLY LIKE the shiny light from the phasers, you know?"

"Hold still," Dr. Kora ordered Bryan. She happened to be the one in the main area when the two had come wandering in, and prioritized the foot as the greater injury. She shook her head slightly. "I think you need to teach your girlfriend," she deadpanned, "how to set these things to *stun*."

"Oh, I'm not his girlfriend, Doctor." Shya corrected quickly. "He and I just met. Not that he's not incredibly sweet and charming, mind you... and VERY VERY patient." The Counselor patted him on the knee.
"I'm seeing someone. She's brilliant and wonderful...and.." Shya winced as she looked down at Bryan's foot.
"..and that looks really painful. Tell you what. I'm cooking you dinner. It won't be a date, but I'm still making you dinner, OK? Bring a friend!"

Bryan chuckled, "Deal, but it has to be in a phaser free zone, kay?"

"Probably a good idea," Dr. Kora grumbled good-naturedly, setting up the foot for a tissue regeneration. "This is going to hurt," she told Bryan bluntly. "Want some numbing? General or local?"

"Nah, just do it," He replied, bracing himself for the burning pain associated with dermal regeneration. "I don't do pain meds real good, and I've got a duty shift in two hours."

"Suit yourself," Kora near mumbled as she set about removing the dead tissue first with a thick application of chemical peel. Without much gusto she ripped away the dead cells, then went in with a mini burr to clean out any stubborn remains. She paused before the next step and looked up at Bryan. "Are you maintaining your attitude on no pain killers?"

Bryan's face was screwed up and a sheen of sweat had formed on his forehead, but he was keeping it together so far, "Mostly." He replied, giving her the nod to carry on.

"Whatever doesn't kill you, hmm?" Serabe suggested with a shrug. She started waving the regeneration wand over his leg and watched the cells visibly begin to swell and knit where before it had only been bloody and raw. "Personally, I've always found this part to be maddeningly itchy."

"YEP," Bryan yelped, scrunching his nose up and fighting madly to not squirm.

"Well it didn't have to be- just remember that." The doctor gave a final pass over the spot, stuck the probe in her pocket in exchange for a largish square of dermaplast and slapped it over the site. "Drink lots of water, eat lots of protein and come back when you're tired of waiting for it to stop hurting. NEXT!"

Bryan watched the doctor's back as she walked away, then looked up at the woman next to him and said simply, "Yep. You owe me a drink."


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