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Perparations for Insanity

Posted on Wed Jun 12th, 2013 @ 12:20am by Lieutenant JG Bryan Buckner & Lieutenant JG David Rhyse III & Senior Chief Petty Officer George Terrant

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Shortly After "Who's In Charge Here?"

"Well... that should do it," Rhyse said, looking up into an access hatch. "Anything that even resembles that virus will get dumped into a sub-routine and be handled by a subset of processors that are completely untied to the rest of the ship. How goes taking the reserves off of the wireless?" He asked.

Bryan sat, furrowed brow, his tongue jutting out of his mouth in concentration, with a compression rifle across his lap, "Almost got it," He muttered. There was a tiny electric squeal and Bryan pulled a small chip from the gun, "Got it. The compression rifles are a pain in the ass because of how the wireless chip sits between the coolant tools in the back, but we should be able to get a stash of these done be end of day. We just need to make sure we're manually updating the firmware. I'd hate for the power capacitor to blow because it's calculations went corrupt." He replied. "I've already got the tricorders off the wireless, and a small portable sensor suite we can use if a pinch." He replied.

"Sounds like we'll have a good stash if anything goes wrong," Rhyse replied with a grin.

Senior Chief decided to make his way down to Engineering to check in with the men who were responsible for getting the ship up and ready for an enemy encounter should it happen again. He had eventually found the two Lieutenants working together after checking in with Engineering Control and various members of the engineering crew. He approached them, "Lieutenants," he said. "How are things coming along?" he asked.

Rhyse saluted sharply, "Well, sir." He replied. "We've finished making most of the modifications to the systems and equipment that will allow the ship to maintain normal function should the Warlord's virus manage to bypass my patches." He explained.

"Yep. We'll still lose a lot of systems, but we've got a skeleton system to keep everything online in a worst-case scenario, as well as a stash of weaponry and tricorders that were virus proof," Bryan added, also saluting.

Terrant wasn't particularly thrilled at the salute or being called sir. In fact he would normally insist on correcting the offending party but he was acting CO and also this wasn't the time. He saluted back to be friendly and listened to their explanation. "Worst case what will we have to work with?" he asked, his face was straight with no expression.

"We'll have everything functional, but it'll be single-point-of-failure," Rhyse explained. "It we're working on adding more redundancy to the overall system, but we want to make sure our first layer is completely functional before we start working on the next layer. No telling when Tallis might attack, so we've got to be ready," He said.

"With you permission, we'd like to do a fail-over test tonight around 0300 hours shipboard time," Bryan chipped in.

"That's fine make sure that the Officer of the Deck for that shift is aware that the test is going to happen at the start of the shift. And also I want to be available for the test so make sure I give a final approval before we start testing things," he said. "Do you have any other updates about what has been going on down here?" he asked. "The Captain has kept me from Engineering a bit more than I'd like, besides having to roam about the ship and check with the DC teams."

Bryan shook his head, "No, sir. Other than the potential preparations for insanity, we're shipshape and situation normal."

"And we intend to keep it that way," Rhyse added with a confident grin.


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