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On to the Crazy House

Posted on Wed Jun 12th, 2013 @ 12:19am by Commodore Joe Rhimer & Lieutenant Commander Ileana Cortez & Lieutenant MuRiel

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: SS Rickshaw, Bridge
Timeline: 2 hrs out from Ferenginar

Joe stepped into the small bridge - not much more than a cockpit, really - of the Rickshaw with MuRiel clutching his shoulder and took his seat at the console, "What's our ETA for Ferenginar, Ila?" He asked as he pulled up the consoles he wanted on his screen.

"A little under two hours, sir, given that we don't make any more stops or secret squirrel handshake lessons," the XO quipped from the pilot's chair. Where her sense of self was certainly happier dressing in something more like what she'd wear back home in Tijuana, there was a sense of belonging to something greater that was missing without the Starfleet uniform. In fact, it left Cortez feeling just a little cold. She'd chosen a purposefully tight and tiny tee that bared her midriff and several of the various tattoos that covered that space. Low riding pants with a thick belt that looked like it had been right at home in some old western epic. Boots that likewise had seen their share of ugly fights, and a light, thin hoodie tossed over the back of her chair.

Ila had twisted her hair up and back into an intricate braid that would hopefully keep it out of grabbing hands way- and painted just enough make up on to act as a warning to piss off or kiss up should the option be open. "Or are you here to impart another lesson oh great Confucius of the sneaky cheese?"

"Ha. Ha. Very funny," Joe replied with a smirk. "Have we gotten any word back from Ferrenginar Corporate?" Joe asked, pulling up their projected flight plan, and trying to gauge when the Ferrengi would know they were incoming.

"Mm hmm. I'm pretty sure that by the time I had gotten done giving the Jeffe Nickolby Corp spiel that the rep had completely tuned out and was trying to covertly off screen research our potential net worth. He assured me that we'd be met by beautiful women and phenomenal potential investments beyond our wildest dreams." Cortez rolled her eyes, which was all the more dramatic lined in kohl. She wanted to mention again just how much this was a bad idea, but she knew it'd fall on deaf ears. It had the other thirty-two times she'd tried to talk him out of the mission as it stood so far. In the end Rhimer had stuck to his guns, so she'd have his back... And to herself continue grumbling that it was a bad idea.

Joe nodded, "With the fake entries that Belle's crew were slathering across the hologrid, we should look like tasty customers. They won't see through the falseness on account of the sheer profitability of it all."

MuRiel sat quietly on Joe's shoulder. She would act the part of ship's pet, and that's just what she would do. Truth be told, she was quite nervous about the whole thing. She was just tiny and she was a scientist, not a big, bad fighter or pirate!

Joe sighed and sat back in his chair, "Well then, folks, I guess it's on to the crazy house," He said with a smirk.


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