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Off the Grid

Posted on Sun Jul 14th, 2013 @ 12:54pm by Master Warrant Officer Isaac Taylor Jr & Lieutenant Cor Cordale & Lieutenant Serabe Kora

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Ferenginar - Civilian Space Port

OOCJoe: Want to keep our momentum going, guys! :D We're finally past the transition and onto the meat of the mission! DIG IN :D

Isaac led the exodus from the passenger liner, unable to shake the feeling of cattle being led to the slaughter house as they endured security line after security line just to get to their luggage claim. If all was going as planned, the Captain and his team had already landed and left the stash of gear that Isaac and the rest of his crew would utilize to prep and scout and ensure that the other team stayed safe.

Isaac looked over his shoulder as he passed the last check point and smiled at his compatriots, "I think we should celebrate getting through this security gauntlet we've just survived, don't you?" He asked.

"Oh I don't know, they were nothing if not personable with me." and the average Ferengi was rather personable, with the right 'economic encouragement'. Cor had an unfair advantage in the fact that he was practically raised in the shadow of the Rules of Acquisition, so he knew how they worked almost intuitively. A handful of latinum here, a slip or two there, and Cor had not only navigated the gauntlet of security... but they practically sold it to him. Fitting and polish sold separately, of course.

"Though, I could certainly go for a post-landing nibble." he said with a smile... and perhaps a smirk towards Serabe.

"I've had enough of nibbling," Serabe grumped, keeping up her facade. "Would you believe they practically ordered me to put my clothes back *on*? I'm not *that* old! You'd think they never saw a middle-aged human before."

"Well, it certainly wasn't due to any complaint from me," Isaac said, thinking to himself until a couple of nearby patrons snickered at the comment. The older man cleared his throat, "At any rate," He said, quickly changing the subject, "I know an Inn near here that should have room for us," And be conveniently close to the Rendezvous point for the team.

"Well, let's hear a little about this place you know then." Cor said, gathering his baggage. Great, another 'I know someone who works here' scenario. At least, that was the expression on the Thux's face.

"We should hurry before it rains." 'Drake' pointed out, nodding upwards slightly. "Ferenginar has two types of weather: Lousy, and Raining."

Isaac nodded and pressed forward, leading his team through the city proper and into the outskirts of town. One by way a few other faces joined until the crew had grown from four to eight. The crew walk walking in a lose formation that if anyone was casually observing them, they wouldn't notice. Slowly, light city gave way to what passed for countryside on Ferenginar, and even that was still dotted with small stretches of buildings and suburbia.

Isaac sidled up next to Pershing, falling into step and casually talking, "Intel indicated that the black market should be somewhere east of here. We should probably set up camp here to be on the lookout for any trouble and clear the way should the Captain and company need a quick escape," He offered. "If you want to do that, I can take Private Higgins and retrieve the equipment drop?"

Cor's entire outlook, his whole stance and being, had changed since landing officially on Ferenginar. There was something about those lobe-earred little gremlins that Cor didn't like, though he was trying his damnedest to bury it... before he buried one of them. Anyone who had spent ten minutes talking to Cordale could guess why, but he was hiding it well. He started to wonder if him coming along was a mistake...

""Watch post, equipment drop, safehouse. What's next on the agenda?" he asked, slipping a toothpick into his mouth to add to his persona.

"Can't work laterally like that, son," Isaac replied, looking back over his shoulder at Cor. "Want to come with me and get the equipment drop, and leave the good Major to settle us in at our home away from home?" He asked, giving Pershing a smirk.

Cor gave a thought, then a nod. "Sure. If I sit still for too long, I may just pop." a pause, "... and how much longer am I going to have to wear this silly suit? It's all...." he squirmed for a moment, "... constraining. How the hell do you humans do it?"

"Kicking and screaming," Isaac replied with a laugh.

With a final check off from the CO, Isaac and Cor set off to the supply drop, leaving the rest of the team to deal with the safehouse.


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