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All Shook Up

Posted on Wed Jul 31st, 2013 @ 4:31pm by Ensign Julianne Frye & Lieutenant JG Raine Dash & Ensign Sophie Lancaster

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: USS Nicholson - Bridge

Ensign Julianne Frye sat at the helm station, looking over the various luminous readouts in front of her. Attitude was looking good, thrusters were sitting nicely in the green of warp 2. All was well at the helm, "Senior, all systems are in the green," She reported again for the fifteenth time that hour. "Looks like no ones throwing any viruses at us," She announce cheerily.

"Well, that's a step in the right direction," Kyle Reinner said as he took the center chair with a sigh. Chief of the Boat was supposed to be in command, but a sudden onset of the Bolian Flu had put him precisely there.

"Lieutenant Dash, how are we looking? Any indication of computer malfunctions?" He asked.

"Computer malfunctions?" Raine asked, clearly confused and out of her depth with what was being asked of her, "I'm essentially a cop, not an engineer! I never got into that at the Academy or on my other assignments, but you know, that doesn't sound like too bad of a career change..."

Kyle turned around and looked tiredly at the rainbow haired woman and jammed a finger toward her console, "Big, shiny console. It go 'ahh ahh ahh' or have happy green lights?" He asked, his emphasis and sounding broken and uneducated.

Sophie couldn't help but giggle at Kyle's comment. So far out of line that it became funny in and of itself. She quickly and quietly pulled up various readouts on her science console, checking them quickly. "Everything seems to be running fine as far as I can see."

"Excellent! You passed the reading class in Academy, could you tutor our Chief of Security?" He asked, sending Raine a wink to let her know he was only teasing.

"Anything odd on external sensors?" He asked.

"Nothing unusual, COB. Just some space dust. Some indeterminate debris. Some subspace fluctuations. I'm so bored I'm running a - " her console bleeped. "Well. Suddenly, interesting. ... From a scientific standpoint." she blinked, furrowing her brows, leaning closer to the science console.

"Not a fan of interesting things, Lieutenant," Kyle replied, turning in the center chair to watch as she observed her console.

"Subspace distortion of a sort. It's difficult to pin down. It's as if the distortion is a point of infinitely small size. A mathematical point, if you will, without size or volume." Sophie explained, her voice and words calm. "Can't really determine its exact location in euclidean space nor any vector. It's - ... interesting." A pause, then. "I'm sorry, COB - I'm a xenobiologist, this is outside my expertise."

"But I can give you the vector to within probably fifteen degrees!" Raine smiled, "A trick I learned from the Queensland when I was piloting shuttles. Old-fashioned, but effective nonetheless." She began pulling up some readouts and made some additional scans, "Since subspace distortions distort subspace and twist it, the sensor results become more unreliable in search mode the closer you get to the source. The larger the distortion, the larger the general vector." She glanced up and pointed to the wall on her left, finger pointing and making a general circle, "Somewhere over in that direction."

"Sophie, hit that sector of space with everything you've got," Kyle said, his tone calm but the tension in his jaw apparent.

"All sensors, max resolution, starting full sweep ... Now." Her hands flitted over the console's touch screen. Spatial anomalies weren't her forte, but she knew the basics at least. Came with graduating as a science officer.

An overlay appeared on the onscreen display, showing what the sensors saw. It was amorphous, and it was big. More alarmingly, it was headed straight at them at an alarming rate and it was already damn close.

"EVASIVE ACTION!" Kyle called to the helm.

"Already on it!" Frye replied.

But it was already too late, without warning the warlord's ship appeared and grated itself across the top of the Nicholson, letting out a screaming shriek of metal on metal.

Everyone on the bridge was shaken and the Warlord ship rolled listlessly away and disappeared into warp.

A cold silence sat on the bridge for a long while, before Kyle finally muttered, "What the hell just happened?"


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