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The Goods

Posted on Tue Aug 27th, 2013 @ 5:24pm by Commodore Joe Rhimer & Lieutenant Commander Ileana Cortez & Lieutenant MuRiel

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Ferenginar - Black Market

Joe and Ila walked gingerly down a grim covered walk way after having followed Gert's instructions on how to access the black market. Behind them, they pulled a hover pad with a large robot on it. To anyone looking, it would just be a combat android, but Joe and Ila knew the truth. This android had a heart. A very tiny chinchilla one, but a heart none the less.

"How you doing in there?" He asked MuRiel quietly, without moving his lips. He knew her audio sensors would pick it up and amplify it for her.

"Perfectly fine and comfortable, encased in laminated armor and armed to the proverbial teeth. Unlike you." came the quiet reply. "Stop worrying about me, you're the ones doing the actual dangerous stuff. I've got air conditioning .. !"

Joe chuckled a bit and stepped toward Ila. When it ultimately came down to it, MuRiel was right. He and Ila both had person shield generators hooked to their belts, but that would only help them for so long in a full on firefight, assuming they got them turned on before someone fired a lucky shot.

Two Ferengi and a Cardassian stepped out from around the corner ahead of them, looking less than welcoming. He casually fell into step beside Ila as they approached the crew and muttered, "I'm starting to wonder if you weren't right about it being a bad idea to for the two of us to come on this particular mission."

"A little late now.." Ila hissed, taking a protective step half in front of Joe. She raised her voice to address trio as they approached. "Now that's close enough," she told them in a clear, loud, strong voice. "Beautiful afternoon. I assume you've got it in your heads to start some trouble from the expressions on your faces?"

"Now why would we want to start any trouble?" The Cardassian cooed, giving an attempt at a warm smile that just made him seem that much more menacing.

"We're just trying to figure out why you're down in our little sewer," One of the Ferengi replied.

"Oh," Joe said, looking around coyly. "Love what you've done with the place. And that aroma... lovely. Must be potpourri." He said, mock sweetness dripping from his words.

"That's right, why would you?" Ila responded to the Cardassian. She wasn't letting him in specific get another step closer to the captain. "You'd do best to mind your own business. That's all we're doing.. business."

"In a sewer?" Replied the other Ferengi.

"Some business is dirtier than others. Gert said this was the best place to do it," He said, casually.

"Gert, eh?" The Cardassian replied, his face softening.

The XO watched as the scene went from more confrontational to suddenly thoughtful. She didn't ease up her stance any, just shifted her weight to her back foot.

"Yup. Said there's a place to sell things down here. A little off the beaten path for ... let's call it 'big-boy toys'?" He said, patting the tarp covered MuRiel.

The Ferengi smiled widely and looked at each other, "Oh, well then. A person looking for a profit. I think we've got just what you're looking for. Right this way," The first Ferengi said, tapping a tile on the wall.

The wall, once seamless, slid back into itself and opened to reveal a long, clean, brightly lit hallway.

Ila stepped forward, but not within, giving a mock bow for the one Ferengi to lead on. Then she followed, trusting that in an instant MuRiel could bust heads and necks if she needed to.

"Oh boy," Joe said, cheerily. "Isn't this exciting..."


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