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Something on the Wing... some... THING!

Posted on Tue Aug 27th, 2013 @ 3:57pm by Commodore Joe Rhimer & Ensign Julianne Frye & Lieutenant JG Raine Dash & Staff Sergeant Kevin Barnaby & Ensign Sophie Lancaster

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Nicholson - Bridge

"Sec/Tac, run a security scan on the ship," Kyle said, standing and walking toward the view screen. "What's the damage report? Anything? Ops?"

The young ops officer piped in, "I've got an avalanche of alarms related to impact detection but... it looks like aside from some minor fractures that the auto-repair systems fixed... no damage, sir."

Kyle turned around and furrowed his brown at the young woman, "He's really that bad of a driver?" He asked.

"Lieutenant Dash, any reports of boarding parties? They'd have been inside our shields, maybe they transported people on board?" Kyle asked, curiously.

"I... Umm...." Her eyes hurriedly glanced over the results of a rushed scan. She'd been consumed in... Other... Thoughts before he'd just asked, "Noooo, nothing that I can see."

Kyle looked back to the viewscreen displaying the section of space that Tallis' ship had just vanished into and narrowed his eyes, "Science... scan the hull of the ship for life signs. Ops, do a full Surface Coherency Scan... tell me if there's anything... new..."

Ops chimed back in first, "Definitely something new, sir. Two somethings. Blocky, but they're in a spot where they're hard to detect, right above where the nacells connect to the primary hull, sir. About ten meters by seven meters and... three meters high."

"Dammit," Kyle growled, turning to Science, "You've got lifesigns out there, don't you..."

"Running a scan n - ANTS!" Sophie shrieked, jumping back from her console. She clutched her heart, panting, eyes wide, then instantly realized just how silly she looked. Especially for a xenobiologist like her. "... Sorry, Sir. Err .. Life forms. Yes. Lots and lots of tiny ones. All over the place. About ... Forty of them, total. Some large groups around the somethings. And several single ones crawling all over our hull all creepy crawly like." A pause. "Reminds me of Niglorian Crawlybirds."

Kyle cocked his head at his Chief Ops' odd response, but shook it off and jogged up to the upper ring to look over her shoulder, "And these Crawlybirds are heading towards... what, exactly?" He asked, waving the ops officer over.

The Ops officer took her place at Sophie's other shoulder, looking at the screen, "Oh shit... er... excuse me sir," She said, sheepishly. "These appear to be heading toward Relay Junction 32-A, these appear to be heading to Power Conduit 997-Z and... christ... they're all heading toward various power relays and junctions... if they take these all out, we'll be riding dark."

"Hmm..." Raine bent down and started to rummage in the area below her where she apparently kept a bag, "I can handle this! I know I have a can of Raid in here somewhere.. Ants you say? I can get some more replicated if we need it."

"Must be something we can do - electrify or polarize the hull? Send some sort of charge through it or pulse over it? I'm no engineer, I'm just a xenobiologist ~ " Sophie spoke, sounding as if she was in a half-panic.

"Look at the way they're moving," Kyle replied, pointing at the screen. "They're not maglocked. They're probably tethered to those drop pods, which are probably clamped into the ship with those micro fissures we detected... means charging the hull won't help either since they're not touching it..." Kyle stood and glared at the screen, then tapped his commbadge.

"Bridge to Marine CO... prepare for EVA."

"Aye Aye Sir. Green One is standing by." Kevin responded over the Comm. He'd barely been aboard and already he was there prepping his Rifle and his gear. "This is where the fun begins."

"Move it to the airlocks, you're cleared for live fire. We've got Romulans on the hull trying to take out critical systems. Destroy with prejudice," Kyle called over the comm, grimly. He wouldn't lose a ship his first time in the center chair.

"Copy that." Kevin said closing the Comm, he gave out one deep sigh before the Airlock opened. He'd done his Zero-G training once before and he was sick. Damn.


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