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MEANWHILE: Cultural Differences

Posted on Sat Aug 10th, 2013 @ 8:53am by Commodore Joe Rhimer

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: USS Nagasaki
Timeline: During "Rules of Acquisition"

Captain Daisuke Tanaka walked down the corridors of the USS Nagasaki with all the grace and dignity of a trained diplomat. This mission had come suddenly, through unusual channels, but it was a high profile, highly important mission according to the briefs, and that was good enough for him. The Nagasaki was not unaccustomed to diplomatic guests, so they were quickly able to jump into VIP mode.

His XO, Lt. Commander Ellen Hammer, shrugged her shoulders for the tenth time this corridor, causing Daisuke to give her an appraising look, "Dress uniform not fitting quite right, Commander?" He asked, his rich Asian accent lilting each word.

"No sir," Hammer replied, "Fits fine."

That was all she said, and that in and of itself was a sure sign something was wrong, "Then what doesn't fit?" Daisuke replied. He'd served with Ellen since he was her Chief Engineering officer aboard the USS Firestorm. When he'd been moved to the USS Drake as XO, he'd insisted that she come with as their new Chief of Engineering. When it was time for him to take command, he had no doubt who he needed in the right hand chair.

"This whole thing, sir. It's... it's caddywhompus. I mean... it came through Starfleet Command, but all... wrong, you know? It just have this rotten feeling in my gut that we're going to wind up screwed somehow," She explained, feeling like a fool for feeling this way.

Daisuke smiled, "I understand. I to find it off-putting when things are not handled according to the standard rule and regulation. It makes it hard to gauge exactly what situation you're in. But I don't think we're in any trouble. In fact, I'd wager that this will be an excellent mission and we'll all get some clout for it."

Ellen shook her head, "I know when you're wrong, chief, I always have. And you're wrong." She said, furrowing her brow at bit.

Daisuke smiled at the use of her term 'chief' for him. When they'd started working together, he had been. The term had just never worn off, and he was fine with that.

"Sometimes, even you're wrong," He responded back, good naturedly.

"We'll see, I guess," She said, motioning ahead of them to the ambassadors now entering through the airlock.

"Ambassador Tomlin, how good to meet you," He said, stopping short and offering a polite bow before offering the man a hand to shake.

Tomlin returned the bow and smiled, "So good of you to allow us passage on such short notice, Captain. On behalf of my team, I wish to thank you for that."

"Of course, Ambassador. This is my XO, Lieutenant Commander Ellen Hammer," He said, allowing Ellen space to offer her own hand to shake, which she didn't. She gave the Ambassador a semi-polite nod and smile while looking at him appraisingly.

"Pleasure, Ambassador."

Daisuke's smile faltered almost imperceptibly at her attitude, but he quickly brushed passed it, "If you'll allow me, I'll have the deck hands take you luggage down to the cargo bays and show you to your quarters."

"No, Captain. It is vital to our mission that we maintain possession of our cargo. I apologize for any inconvenience related to that," Tomlin replied.

Daisuke waved it off, "Of course, Ambassador. No troubles from me."

The Ambassador motioned for his entourage to pick up the bags, then fell into step with the Captain, "Your quarters are right around the corner here," Daisuke explained, "If you'd like, we can drop off your luggage and take a tour of the rest of the Nagasaki," He explained with a smile.

"I apologize commander, but I fear we are all far too tired for such an exercise," Tomlin replied, politely.

"Of course," Daisuke replied.

They rounded the corner and the door to the VIP room slid open, allowing the Ambassador and his men access. Daisuke and Ellen followed them in, standing at parade-rest as they all put their luggage down.

"When will we be departing station, Captain?" Tomlin replied.

"Less than three hours, sir," he responded. "What time would you like me to setup dinner, Ambassador?" He asked.

Tomlin waved him off, "As I said before, Captain, my crew and I are very tired. Can't we hold off festivities until tomorrow to allow us time to rest?"

Daisuke bowed and waved off the comment, "Of course, Ambassador. I'll have a special breakfast prepared for us," He explained.

"That would be excellent, Captain, thank you," Tomlin replied, returning the bow as the Captain and Ellen set off, back to the bridge.

"Some days, I don't like you Miss Hammer..." Daisuke said, frowning a bit.


"Because some days you're right..."


"I need you all to get some rest. The Captain will have a full day of entertainment for us tomorrow, I'm sure," He said to his crew.

Quietly, they all went through their bedtime rituals and retired for the evening.

The lights dimmed and all was quiet in the room for a long moment, before from the other room a voice called out, "Security protocols are disabled, monitoring is disabled. They're watching a randomized loop of the last ten minutes."

Tomlin sat up and threw his covers off, "Excellent. Everyone, up and moving. We've got a lot of work to do." He said.

Tomlin looked around as his crew sprang into action, and smiled to himself, "Tonight is the night it begins."

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