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Ghosts of Brother's Passed

Posted on Mon Sep 16th, 2013 @ 5:08pm by Master Warrant Officer Isaac Taylor Jr & Lieutenant Commander Ileana Cortez & Lieutenant Cor Cordale

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Ferenginar - Drop Site

Cor and Isaac made their way carefully through the city, trying their best to not attract any attention, until they'd finally reached the drop point. They'd carefully plotted out their rout to the drop zone and back to try and avoid as many heavily populated areas as they could, and were currently scuttling through one such abandoned region.

"Every damn planet, abandoned areas looks the same. All cracks, sum, and mold," Isaac grumbled to himself with a sigh. "Mother nature don't care who you are." He said.

"Except here, it's always raining." Cor added to the gripe. "Which makes me regret that the Federation doesn't make boots in my size." another half-chuckle to the fire. "Maybe a nice throw rug to lighten the mood? Some drapes or some other frilly shit over there."

"If it makes you feel any better, at least your fur helps insulate you and keep the grit and dust out of your eyes," Serabe sighed. She surveyed the surroundings with a frown. There was so very much that could be down in a hell hole like this.

He couldn't help but smirk. "There is that. Big ole' insulated teddy bear, that's me." though, the banter came to a stop as Cor's ears perked. He thought he heard something... then calmed down. It was nothing. Or at least, nothing important. "Sorry, a little jumpy. I half expect some Ferengi used shuttlecraft salesman to just pop up out of the shadows."

"No worries, there's a lot of reason to be jumpy," Isaac admitted, "Anything can go wrong on a mission like this. I know Ferenginar isn't exactly enemy territory, but it wouldn't take much to blow our cover."

Isaac stopped and turned, narrowing his eyes as he stared down the street, "Do you guys hear a hover craft approaching?" He asked, trying to focus his hearing in that direction.

Damn it. "Yeah, that's what it sounds like. Engine's a bit clunky, from the sound of it." and he motioned for everyone to hunker down. You could take the Thux out of Engineering, but you couldn't ever take the engineering out of a Thux. Man that joke got a lot less funny once he had that chat with Medical. Not that it was her fault. If he had a bit more time, he could probably diagnose more of the hover-craft's issues. Though at the moment, the hover-craft WAS the issue. He hunkered down along with the others out of sight.

The hover craft sped into the courtyard they'd been standing in and dropped rapidly to the ground, it's doors popping open immediately. The shape that emerged was unmistakably Thux, which was impressive enough, but the face that turned to let out a low, melody whistle sent chills down Cor's spine.

At the sound of the whistle, a mixed bag of slaves and refugees suddenly poured out of the alleys and doorways, rushing toward the hovercraft. At least fifteen people, all running toward their freedom.

You could have pushed Cor to the ground with a gesture. He stared, slack jawed and silent at the scene before him. The whistle shook him to the bone, almost to the point of knocking him to the ground. "Please tell me I'm not the only one seeing this..." he whispered, eyes glued to the scene before him. This was the legacy of his people: Liberators...

"I'm seein' it," Isaac said, watching and trying to figure out what to do.

"C'mon you lot! Hurry it up, unless you're missing your cages!" called another Thux as he hopped out of the hover craft behind the first, snatching bags from the refugees and tossing them in the cargo hold. His face was all too familiar to Cor, too.

Years of memories flooded back in seconds. This was impossible, but it was happening. Only Sil could think of a plan like this. Only Cal would be crazy enough to drive a hover vehicle with a thrown engine. It wasn't the face that sparked the engineer's memory... it was that huge patch of blue fur over the right eye.

"That's them..." Cor said, almost in a whisper. He half-moved to greet them.. and then he stopped. Was this a trap? Was this a setup? No, no this was THEM! They made it out alive! He had a thousand stories to share with them, a million opportunities... But none of that mattered. He wanted his family back.

So he did the dumbest thing in space. He stood up and started to head over to them. "Sil Cinban?" he called, then he verified his identity more then the ancient prosthetic ever could, "Are you really letting Patch drive?"

Both Thux turned to face the sudden voice, wide-eyed and said in unison, "Cor?"

Isaac grabbed frantically at Cor's arm, "Dammit, Cordale! You're going to blow this for us!" He bit harshly.

If Cordale heard Issac, he sure didn't seem to show it. If he felt Issac's frantic grab for his arm, he brushed it off. Cor started to walk over, but the walk turned into a jog, which in turn became a full out run. His brothers stood by the hover transport, but moved to intercept. Within moments, all three of them were tangled up in a welcoming hug that was several years in the making. It was almost too good to be true.

A veritable chorus of 'Where the hell have you been?' and 'What have you been doing?' sounded as the three tried to summarize years of separation in the space of a few minutes. "Still got this old thing, eh?" the one Cor called 'Patch' asked, to which Cor answered, "Well yeah, seeing as what happened to the last one."

The refugees that Sil and Cal were here to rescue seemed a bit confused about the newcomer. Who was he, and why was he received so specially? Sil, always the planner and thinker, gave Cor something of a brotherly noogie, "So what brings you to the armpit of space?" he asked. "Shopping." Cor answered. Some tiny fragment of his mind remembered he was on a mission, and while it hurt him to tell a lie to his long-thought dead brother, it had to be done.

"Hey Cor... come with us." Patch offered, and Cor's world shattered. Behind him, his new life. A life he found solely because the two most important people in his life 'died'. Before him, the aforementioned two people, his brothers. Between the three of them, there wasn't a dry eye to be found.

"I... " Cor started...

"Cor, we got a mission," Isaac called, urgently, looking around nervously for fear of being spotted.

"..... I can't. Not right now, I made a promise to a friend." Cor said, disappointed in himself inwardly. "You guys gonna be around? Meet up, catch up, that kinda shit."

Patch looked up at Cor, "This ain't exactly a joyride, you k..." but Sil held a hand up, "We'll be around, Cor. Here." and Sil handed over a mini-PaDD. "Give us a call when you're done. We've got a lot of work ahead of us, and we sure could use the help."

"Yeah, lend us a hand." Cal said, then the three shared a chuckle. Cor gave a nod, packing the mini-PaDD away, and was silent for a moment, "I ... I always wanted to see you guys again. T... this can't be the end. We gotta get back together... and we will, Thux honor."

"What's a Thux?" Sil asked. Cor just took a breath, "That's us. That's what we are. You, me, Cal. Him, him, and him." Cor said, pointing to each Thux in turn. "We're Thux. We're proud, we're strong, and we're loyal. We don't take shit from anyone, and there's nothing we can't do if we work at it."

A pause, "We're Thux. That's who we are. Now, I ... I gotta go, but I'm not leaving you guys." and after another round of well-felt shoulder bumps and noogies, the three separated again, and Cor returned to the spot where he was hidden before, and where the others were still hidden. He fixed Isaac with something like a glare, but it didn't come off quite as intimidating when the Thux was a moment away from breaking down in tears.

"I haven't seen them in years. I thought they were dead." he muttered darkly, "If I lose them again..." he didn't finish that sentence. He didn't want to think about losing them again either.

"You won't, Cor," Isaac replied, sharply, "But you've got a duty to your crew mates right now. I don't think you want to lose any of them either, do you?" He asked. He knew the Thux didn't, but sometimes you had to be a bit blunt to get a point across.

That was the dumbest question anyone had e... the second dumbest question anyone had ever asked him. "You've either never lost a brother, or you're an only child... Let's go. We're not losing anyone." Cor stopped for a moment as the hover vehicle's engine kicked to life, and the craft lifted off. This would mark the second time that his brothers were taken from him, and a shuttle was involved in the distance.

And the Ferengi.

This was pretty much that entire terrible thirteen minutes of his life, over again. Cor didn't focus on all of those coincidences. He just focused on Issac, and the second dumbest question he was ever asked. By design or by mistake, Issac gave the Thux something to focus on...


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