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Nothing but the Rain

Posted on Sun Sep 29th, 2013 @ 8:23am by Commodore Joe Rhimer & Staff Sergeant Kevin Barnaby

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: USS Nicholson - Hull

The Romulans moved silently, communicating only with subvocal clucks and hand gestures. There'd be nothing to trace from inside the ship this way. If all went their way, the crew of the Nicholson would never know they were here until it was too late.

Moving like ants, they scurried to the critical system points that they knew would disable the most vital systems on the Nicholson. They'd leave her limping from the outside, then crack open all of the airlocks and flush the crew out like unwanted space debris. It was a fool proof plan. Warlord Tallis would be pleased.

"Green One to Green Six." Kevin said through his Comm Channel. "Two on your right side." The Staff Sergeant said, but it was in vein as his Marine was quickly dispatched. "Frak this!" He fired his Phaser at the Romulans. "Watch your asses Marines, they're going for all critical systems!"

The Romulans had given up on staying quiet and a flurry of orders and commands filled their comm units as the began to alternate from their task of breaking critical systems to hunting marines. Breaking up into two groups, they began attempting to flank with half of each group, while the other half of each made for the junction boxes on the hull.

Kevin took notice of the Tactic that the Romulans were attempting, "Green Six take half your men and head for the junction boxes." Kevin said. "If they get to them then we're not gonna have a Ship left."

As the marines began to compensate, the a new contender appeared from the pods attached to the ship. He dropped to one knee and leveled a large cannon at the troops, firing off a huge disrupter blast that scortched the surface of the Nicholson, barely missing the marines. His second shot wouldn't be so fortunate.

"Somebody take him out....." Kevin said struggling to take aim with his rifle.

There was a flurry of phaser fire and the Romulan had to pull back around the corner of the drop pod as quickly as zero-G would allow. From the right, a small group of Romulans raced to support their heavy hitter, opening fire on the marines.

The Marines were able to quickly divert their attention, realizing who the potential threat was they were quick to focus on the right opponent.

The Romulans were running out of bodies to throw at the Marines at this point, now being forced to divert their saboteurs from their work to try and regain control of the hull. The heavy support stepped out again but was quickly dropped by phaser fire, his heavy weapon drifting off into space while his body, mag locked to the hull, lolled about like a blade of grass in the wind.

Before long, nothing was left but drop ships, and the Marines' comms crackled to life, "Sir? This is Ops... I don't see any more life signs out there other than you guys... looks like we're down a few, too."

"CO says come on home... you boys did good out there."


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