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For the Worst

Posted on Sun Sep 29th, 2013 @ 8:30am by Ensign Julianne Frye & Lieutenant JG Raine Dash

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: USS Nicholson - Bridge

"Lancaster, Dash, Jones, prepare for full ship evacuation and or anti-boarding procedures," Kyle said grimly. "I have faith that our Marines will take them down before they can do that kind of damage but... I want us ready for anything," He said, turning to face them. "We don't know if Tallis is planning on coming back to help, or if he's going to wait it out and let his commandos do the work." He said.

"Frye, go with them, start organizing the flight crew on the shuttle deck. Ensign Markus can man the helm for now," He said.

"Aye, sir," Frye said, standing from the helm and heading over to the other women.

"Right! I'll get the energy doohickeys and umm... The other things ready and get my teams set up." Raine glanced around, "I've done a full walkthrough of the ship and found the best spots to put teams. The hydroponics bay is a definite defense point, the roses are to die for!"

Kyle turned around and looked at her with a bit of disbelieve, "Engineering, secondary controls, computer core, and weapons stores. If the hydroponics bay is a distraction for you, I'll burn it down myself," He bit. He couldn't tell if she was joking or not, but he wasn't in the mood for it at the moment.

Raine's eyes went fey, "Over my dead body, Chief Reinner." She stated firmly, "But if it'll help, I'll just post a team there because it's a solid defensive point."

Kyle faced her now, his jaw set, "You'll secure primary and critical systems, Lieutenant Dash. If there's any problem with that order, I can relieve you from duty."

Raine pointed at her pips, "Lookie, lookie, round pips versus hash marks. Seems I outrank you. This is a good defensive point, Chiefie, as you can probably see. I'm not going to bake a muffin here, but I'm going to post a team in case we have roving intruders. That way they don't get killed in some random corridor?"

Behind her, a small blonde junior grade lieutenant with two sidearms and a rifle, with an archaic-looking sword across her back cleared her throat. She was seeing where this was going and it wouldn't turn out well one way or another, but it was wasting time, "My Lady, perhaps this isn't the time for arguments." She glanced to Kyle, "Chief, perhaps the Lieutenant could set this location up as a command point to coordinate personnel movements?" She raised an eyebrow that was out of sight of her superior, attempting to convey to him that it might be the best option.

Kyle's eyes narrowed at the woman, but he caught sight of her companion - and her odd choice in weaponry - and nodded, "You're probably right... and for the record, you don't outrank the acting CO of a starship. I don't care what kind of pips are on your neck. Am I clear?"

Raine pointed at two of the security people and waved randomly at the door, completely ignoring Kyle as she sauntered off to set up her 'command post.' The shorter one gave an apologetic smile to Kyle, "M'lord, I'm not quite sure about her. She's a bit off, but the security teams like her." She hefted her rifle to a slightly better position.

"Uhm... yeah," Kyle said, watching the rainbow haired woman leave the bridge. One thing was for sure, the Nicholson was a damn interesting ship.


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