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Showing off the Goods

Posted on Sun Sep 29th, 2013 @ 8:45am by Commodore Joe Rhimer & Lieutenant Commander Ileana Cortez & Lieutenant MuRiel

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Ferenginar - Black Market

Joe stood near the dais as a Bajoran touted his wares of contraband liquors and foods. People in the room were scarce paying him attention, preferring instead to gawk at the robotic monstrosity off the stage next to Joe.

"You just keep an eye on the audience while we're up there, okay?" Joe said quietly to Ila. "Anyone looks like they might want to sneeze in our direction, you let me know."

Ila simply sighed. Where they were, every other person was sending dagger glares and posturing menacingly. She'd personally have rathered Muriel would have packed some grenades. It would have seriously shortened the length of the away mission, not to mention possibly cleaned up the planet a little.

The little Qwi for her part simply sat by and listened, waiting. She was ready to activate and do what was needed, but for now, all she could do was wait.

Joe nodded as the Bajoran left the stage, goods in tow, to make his final exchange in on of the private offices in the back of the room. He took he made a show of opening a panel on the back of MuRiel's back and pushing a serious of non-functional buttons to "activate" the robot, then stepped passed her up onto the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I come before you today with one of the finest example of military technology," He said, boastfully, suddenly catching the attention of the audience. "Stolen from Qwi R&D Laboratories, this mechanical soldier is unparalleled in combat. I present to you, the XT-906 Battlesuit," He said, making a flourish off stage for MuRiel to enter.

At being 'activated', MuRiel exited 'power save' mode and activated the suit's enhanced cooling system. The soft background whine and whirrr of fans would help sell the idea of the robot powering up. She steadily rose to a sitting position, letting the mech's gaze go over the assembled crowd in a single, steady movement before rising to her feet.

The robot rose up to its full height, gaze still on the crowd before her. Both arms flexed in a steady motion, both hands flexed and balled into fists and relaxed again before the civilian prototype turned combat unit turned towards Joe, took one - two steps forward, then turned towards the crowd again. A deep, rumbling, synthetic and amplified voice sounded. "XT-906 Battlesuit, unit 3 activated. All systems nominal. Full combat functionality available. Awaiting command."

Joe threw a handful of probes into the air, probes that MuRiel couldn't miss since her gun systems were locked onto their signals by default, "XT-906, Target and fire." Joe said, smiling back at the crowd smugly.

Oh, that was easy. MuRiel chuckled softly, then pressed a single button on her console. Immediately the mech hefted its rifle, an indicator flashed red on her screen, as the drones lit up. The rifle swung up, one leg shifted slightly for balance, then with a thunderous staccato and brilliant, white flashes of focused, charged particles, the drones were reduced to dust in a display of normally vehicle-mounted firepower, now wielded by one infantry-sized drone. The muzzle of the rifle still smoking as it was lowered, the sinister synthetic voice sounded again. "Targets neutralized."

The crowed gasped, then ooooed and aaahhhed at the display. Joe smiled smugly out at then and pulled a larger drone off of his belt, "XT-906, apprehend." He said, tossing out the drone out over the audience. This one too was already tied to MuRiel's guns, designed to impress with this "war machine's" prowess.

... Apprehend? MuRiel blinked. This wasn't easy. She had no idea how to 'apprehend' a drone flying over the head of an audience! So, instead she once again hefted the rifle and ... blasted the drone to dust. The combat mech's head turned to Joe, then spoke again, as MuRiel quietly giggled. "XT-906 is a combat unit. Information about law enforcement unit XT-908 available on request."

"No escape, take no prisoners," Joe said, proudly. "This is a blood hungry, killing machine, hell bent on the ultimate destruction of... who?... well... anyone you want. And she's yours, for the right price," Joe said, crossing his arms.

"There's a catch, though. My client is in the market for Romulan tech. None of the typical rabble, he's in the market for high-end Romulan weaponry. His contacts have informed him that this is the place to be for that. My merchandise and I will be here for the next eight hours. Let us know if you're interested." He said, taking a bow and leaving the stage with MuRiel in tow.

"Now we wait," He whispered to Ila as he casually walked by.

In the back of the room, two shadowed figures spoke quickly and parted ways, uncaring about the latest bit of med-tech stolen from the Federation. Something was afoot.


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