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Why ain't anything ever easy?

Posted on Sun Sep 29th, 2013 @ 9:21am by Commodore Joe Rhimer

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Ferenginar - Black Market

The call came in not long after the demonstration and Joe quickly left MuRiel and Ila - much to Ila's chagrin - to go and meet their potential buyer. He made his way through a long labirynth of hallways and corridors until he finally came to the room in question and stepped the chime. All the while, unable to shake the distinct feeling that he was being followed.

He found a small man inside the room, a room with no windows, no cameras, no nothing. Exactly the kind of room he was expecting - and hoping for - in a black market setting.

"Cav Lanklin?" The little man asked, his voice nasal and droning.

"That's me," Joe replied, flipping the chair around to sit in it backwards. Seemed like a casual move, but Joe had learned at least five different ways to painfully injure someone from this position. Living with pirates for a couple years had it's perked.

"Can't find much on you. Not much at all," The man said, looking back down at a PADD in front of him.

"I frequent black markets, friend. I work in that lovely shady gray area for my clients. You won't find much on me, only my employer which I believe you've already found to be true," Joe said, calmly. This was off... way off. And Joe knew it, he just didn't know what it was.

"True, very true. Many records, all... impressive."

The small little man thumbed through his PADD a few more times then sighed, "You wish to have Romulan technology, I feel like we can work out a deal for that delightful little drone of yours," He said, grinning a rotten toothed grin.

"I'm glad to hear that. What sort of merchandise have you traded?" Joe asked, fishing for information.

"Oh, I've handled trades of prototype cloaking fields, warp drives, weapons systems, even a computer logic bomb designed to exploit an issue in Federation computer systems. Very effective, knock out a Feddy ship in a single blow." He said, sounding very proud. That was good. Bragging meant stupid slips of information.

"Wow... that last one sounds like a piece of work. I'll take that one," Joe replied.

"Oh, no no no. Traded that one to my best client."

"Maybe he'd trade me for the drone?" Joe offered. "Can you set that up?"

"No no no no, he wouldn't do that. He doesn't let me tell people where he is. I suppose I could ask him if we could do it elsewhere..."

"You know where he is?" Joe asked. "That's a lot of trust."

"Well, Mister Lanklin, I'm in the same role as you are. He has to trust me. So of course I know where he is."

The table flipped. It was lighter than Joe had expected, so he actually managed to flip it over the little man's head, crashing it into the ground behind him. The man shrieked, and tried to flee, but Joe was on him before he could, slamming him back into the wall and bringing the pistol up to his head, "You tell me where that bastard Tallis is or I'll blow your head off."

"T-t-tallis!? How do you know him?!"

"WHERE IS HE!" Joe barked.

"He'll kill me if I tell you!" The little man shrieked.

"I'LL kill you if you don't. I'll kill you right the hell now. The only way you walk out of here alive is if you tell me. And then I'm gonna go and kill him, and you won't have to worry," Joe hissed, getting into the man's face.

"Hydris Nebula! He's hiding there with that monster ship of his!" The weasle shrieked. "Please, please! Don't kill me! Kill him! I'm just a business man!" He yelled.

Joe dropped the man on his ass, "You better not warn him, either. If he's not there, or doesn't show up quick... I'll hunt you down like a dog, am I clear?"

"Y-y-y-yessir!" The little man whimpered.

The door opened suddenly and Joe spun around to face the new comers. Without uttering a word the two cloaked Romulans opened fire on the little man, tearing him to shreds with not but a single shriek of agony before he was permanently silenced. The started to train their guns on Joe, but he'd already raised his, blasting two holes in their heads, dropping them neatly to the ground.

"Shit..." Joe muttered. He stood to his feet and stepped into the hallway. There was already commotion heading their way. With the soundproof door open, those shots and echoed down the cold cement hallways like booming timpani. It was time to go, and fast.

Joe listened for a moment for the direction of least noise and headed back that way, holstering his gun and straightening his jacket. He adopted a frightened look as he turned the corner into a mob of Ferengi guards, "They killed them! Some mad man in a red overcoat! Killed them with these... guns! And then ran off down that way!" He frantically explained, sending the Ferengi running in the direction he indicated. That wouldn't buy them much time, but it was better than nothing.

He was going to hear about this from Ila for MONTHS.


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