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Posted on Tue Oct 29th, 2013 @ 1:11am by Commodore Joe Rhimer & Lieutenant Commander Ileana Cortez & Lieutenant MuRiel

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Ferenginar - Black Market

Joe came bursting into the room where Ila and MuRiel waited and waved them out the door, "Got the info. Time to go. Now." He said, with no explanation or further fanfare.

"Uh .." MuRiel blinked (relatively) large golden eyes, then activated the mech again - she'd powered it down to standby mode to conserve battery power. The mech lurched to life, hefting its rifle and immediately turned to follow Joe out. She knew the mech couldn't keep up fully if Joe and Ila were to run, so she figured she'd take a head start.

"Do me a favor," Joe said to Ila as she stood, "Tell me I told you so later. It makes it hard for me to concentrate on running, kay?"

The XO shrugged back into her jacket as she rose to her feet, eying Rhimer warily the entire time. "What did you do?" came out of her mouth before the more appropriate 'why are we running'. Knowing the captain, it'd be a long explanation that'd start with something along the lines of 'well, see there was this guy..'

She had barely turned towards the door when a loud crashing noise came from farther off in the building. Some yelling followed, much cursing and the slightly acrid oily scent of singed meat.

"Not me this time. Tallis' men are here. We gotta _go_." He said, looking down the hallway, then ducking quickly back into the room, narrowly dodging a disruptor blast. "We gotta go _now_."

"I found a car!" came MuRiel's amplified voice from outside, followed by the tearing of metal and shattering of glass.

Joe blinked, "She found a..." He trailed off as he headed toward the nearest exit, which opened into a junk yard full of "dead" vehicles which actually served as a beautiful cover for a parking lot.

Joe stepped out and frowned when he saw MuRiel tossing the roof and windscreens of a fancy spots skimmer off into the junk around it before tossing out one of the seats with a horrendous screech and hopping in, "Oh... she... she found a car," Joe said, with quirked lips. Why not. Grand Theft Auto was a fun charge...

As she moved, a very involved internal debate was going on within Ila. One side was arguing fervently about how before coming aboard the Nicholson, all of her crimes were wrapped up in juvenile files. She'd pulled a hard six in order to not become her father. The other side countered with 'but then you took up with a former pirate. And now that's blown to hell. What did you expect?'
And then the shooting began.

With a grumble, the XO clambered into what was left of the car now that the giant metal bound Qui had settled in to the shelled out husk. There was barely room for her to perch with her knees to her chest, since the mecha had to give room enough for Rhimer to still reach the controls without them being embedded in his chest. She glared at the captain with no compunction at all about it this time. "You can't really tell me that you're not at fault here!"

"Actually, not!" Joe replied, wincing a little as the skimmer squeeled in protest at having to rapidly lift the beefed up suit. "I was just roughing up some weasley little guy when these two other people barged in and killed him. I barely got out, but the ensuing firefight caught some attention. So unless you're going to be mad at me for shooting people who were shooting at me - a lot - this really wasn't my fault!" He said, gunning the skimmer forward.


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