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[Major Backpost] A new beginning

Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2013 @ 10:25am by Lieutenant JG Devoni Jala

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Starbase 831
Timeline: Around 0830 hrs

Devoni Jala had just finished his breakfast and put the plate and glass back in the replicator when his comm panel began beeping.

"Who could it be this time. I swear by the Gods of Thragos if its my parents calling me again to find a wife I will scream." he said aloud to himself.

"Computer. Identify incoming communique."

"Incoming communique is from Admiral Andon ch`Rosia."

'What is the devil would Admiral ch`Rosia want to talk with me for?' These were all important questions and he was soon going to find out.

"Put it through." Devoni said as he straightened his uniform and sat down behind his desk.

Reaching forward he activated the terminal to see the Federation symbol followed by an Andorian male around the age of sixty or seventy, he wasn't quite sure in a starfleet admirals uniform.

"This is Lieutenant Jala. What can I do for you Admiral. And might I say this is a rather unexpected pleasure."

Andon didn't smile. He wasn't in the best of moods that morning. "Lt. Jala, I am informing you that the transfer request you sent in a month ago has now been approved. The USS Nicholson under the command of Captain Rhimer will be expecting you within 7 days. They are in orbit around Ferenginar. A runabout will arrive at the Starbase at 0930 tomorrow to pick you up and take you and another transfer to your new assignment. Here are your transfer orders." said Andon as he punched in a few commands to send the orders through subspace.

"I have the orders sir. Thank you."

Andon didn't say another word and closed the link.

"Well that was rude." said Devoni. He knew that Admirals were busy people but the least that the head of the Eleventh Fleet could do was be a little more pleasant.

Devoni looked over his transfer orders. He was finally going to be back on a starship again. Being on a starbase and being one of three Assistant Chief Medical Officers was hard because he was considered a junior Assistant Chief Medical Officer, at least on a starship there was only one Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

Now all he had to do was inform the base Commanding Officer and his superior Doctor Rebecka Halloway.

Informing Rebecka was going to be the hardest as they had become close friends and she was the only person that Devoni could open up to about his sexuality.

He reached up and tapped his communications badge. "Jala to Halloway. Rebecka do you have a few moments before the morning mid shift starts. I need to talk with you about something."

"This is Halloway. Sure Devon stop by my office on your way in."

Rebecka had always dropped the last letter of Devoni's name, it was something that he was starting to get used to.

[Starbase 831 - CMO Office]

Rebecka Halloway sat in her office looking over personnel files when she caught the shadow of someone standing in her doorway.

Looking she saw her friend Devoni Jala. "Devon! Do what do I owe the pleasure of seeing your beautiful face."

"Hi Beck." He said as he smiled but it didn't show through out his whole face.

"Alright I know when something is bothering you." said Rebecka. She pointed to the chairs in front of her. "Sit."

Devoni sat down. He began to open his mouth to start talking and then close it. He really wasn't sure how to begin. He didn't want to ruin the friendship that he had with Rebecka but he didn't want to hurt her either.

Finally he gathered up the courage.

"I'm leaving the Starbase and being transferred to the USS Nicholson." he said.

Rebecka sat there in stunned silence for a moment trying to gather or rather process what she just heard.

"What do you mean you are leaving. I thought you liked it here on the Starbase?" said Rebecka.

"I was offered a position on the Nicholson and I miss being on a starship. Being out in space, exploring, finding new races. Here on a starbase its nothing but ships coming in and out and to be honest it gets a little old. And plus I'm a Junior ACMO and on the Nicholson who knows maybe someday I will be CMO."

Rebecka was almost in tears. "What about our friendship? What about you and that cute Ensign I saw you talking with the other day. What's his name?"

"Branden Vasser?"

"Yes that's the one." said Rebecka.

"He's straight as an arrow. He was just talking to me about his twin brother who is gay but I doubt that will work out. I still get those two studs mixed up."

Rebecka chuckled. She knew what he was talking about. There really wasn't a way to tell them apart.

"So you're leaving then huh? NO way I can talk you out of it?"

"Yeah I'm leaving but hey, I will stay in constant contact with you. Hell you are my family. And no there is no way to talk me out of it."

Rebecka stood up and walked over to her friend. "I wish you the best of luck and I hope you find what it is you are looking for out there." She gave Devoni a big hug. "Don't worry about your shift I'll have Bradley cover it for you."

"Your the best. And thanks for understanding."

With that Devoni walked out of the Infirmary for the last time on Starbbase 831.


Lt. Jg. Devoni Jala


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