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Long Lost Brothers

Posted on Sun Oct 20th, 2013 @ 4:38am by Lieutenant Cor Cordale & Master Warrant Officer Isaac Taylor Jr

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Ferenginar - Marine Forward Camp

The camp was well underway and everything was camouflaged, dulled down, and hidden should anyone take a peek around. When they pulled out, all that would be left was a hole in the ground. Just the way Isaac liked it. But there was one thing that was still pending, one major matter that hung in the air like a ton of bircks.

One very sullen Thux.

Isaac walked up quietly behind him and stood staring into the Ferengi sunset - A beautiful array of greens and blues at the edges of a red tinged sky.

For a long time, they were silent, just staring. Isaac finally spoke as the last beams of light began to fade into the black, "Three of them. Three brothers," Isaac said, simply. He idly wondered if the Thux would even remember the anger induced snap he'd made at Isaac earlier in the day.

Cor was silent for a long time, almost to the point where it seemed he was ignoring Isaac... though he finally broke the silence. "Yeah, I was *pretty* pissed off at you then. You probably didn't deserve it, but to be honest at the time, I thought you did."

"That bit of heartache when you remembered them. When what I said made you remember them. All those times together, and that one solid moment when you lost them." Cor kept his eyes on the sunset, "You know, everytime I replicate this prosthetic of mine, I remember every moment of how I got it."

"Everytime I see my uniform in a reflection, I remember why I enlisted. Everytime anyone says something's just a quick patch job, I remember. I'm surrounded by memories." he went on, oddly poetic for the Thux. "Today, what... four hours ago... I find out they're alive, and helping more Thux then I remember escape from mines or lives of digging. My two lost brothers, helping my people escape." there was a grumble to his voice. A barely contained grumble.

"And you could have been doing it with them," Isaac replied, understanding. "But you thought they were dead. They thought you were dead, most likely. You all did what you thought was right. So I guess now you gotta ask yourself if you still think your choices are right," He said, with a shrug.

"Looking back over my past with what I just learned today doesn't change anything. I did what I did so that *we* wouldn't be forgotten, all of us. Not just three Thux in a mineshaft goofing off between inspections, not just three Thux at a break station playing What's I Got for shots, and not just for two Thux that got promoted." Cor started, "I did everything I did from that moment on for all of us, not just me and my brothers."

"If your three brothers walked up to you one day, it wouldn't suddenly make everything you've done a lie. It just means you better have a damn fine reason aside from 'I did it for you'." Cor finally turned to face Issac. "I don't have to ask myself if my choices were right. Their promotion gave me the chance, and that was the kick in the tail I got to go see the 'verse. John Mitchell was the recruiter who got me out of the garage and into Academy. Not Sil, and not Cal. All this means, seeing them alive and still together, means that somewhere out there there's a dead overseer with a heat shovel lodged in his throat, and those two have been working hard on the other side of the coin to help m... our people." he caught himself.

"Today, three brothers were united." he said, softening up a little. "The thinker, the digger, and the do'er." a pause, "I'll finally have someone to drink with."

"Not if you don't call them," Isaac said, reaching out and tapping the communicator on the Thux's belt. "Your duty here is at a rest, and we can hold down the fort should anything else come along. If it were my three brothers at the other end of that communicator... It'd already be burning a hole in my hand."

He held up his prosthetic limb, "This hand's never stopped burning." he said as he picked up the comm unit in his other hand. He paused for a moment, then made the connection, and all the anger... all the hate... everything just melted away like snow under phaser fire. He walked a bit away from the camp so that the conversation he had was his alone. It wasn't long, but it was by no means a short call. When it was over, Cor took his time getting back to Issac. "Got a rendezvous, gonna hustle to the meet up. Give a holler if you need anything."

"Good luck, Cor. See you when you get back!" Isaac said as the Thux headed off into the night. "And be careful out there."


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