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The (Not So) Great Escape

Posted on Tue Oct 29th, 2013 @ 4:09am by Commodore Joe Rhimer & Major Brian Pershing & Master Warrant Officer Isaac Taylor Jr & Lieutenant Commander Ileana Cortez & Lieutenant MuRiel & Lieutenant Serabe Kora
Edited on on Tue Oct 29th, 2013 @ 4:12am

Mission: Rules of Acquisition
Location: Ferenginar - Marine Forward Camp

"Any sign of Cordale?" Isaac asked as he slid in next to the young CPO keeping watching.

"No, sir. No sign of Rhimer, either."

Isaac rolled over onto his back and sighed, "I hope I did the right thing sending that fuzzy fella off with them. Skipper won't be happy if he loses a crewmate on account of the softspot I got in the heart region."

The CPO chuckled, "From what I seen o' this skipper, sir, I don't think he'd have a hard time understanding."

Isaac smiled, "Here's hoping your right. You know, that guy almost got me all teared--"

"Sir, contact," The CPO said, suddenly going stiff and subconsciously sliding into position to quickly snatch up the pulse rifle at his side and begin firing.

"Sit rep," Isaac replied, going through the same pattern of muscle memory.

"Lights on the horizon... looks like phaser fire, but I can't be certain... and... ah dammit..." The CPO trailed off.

"Dammit, what?" Came a familiar voice from behind as Pershing approached.

The CPO gave a sharp salute from the ground, "Dammit, Ferengi authorities, sir. If this is our pickup approaching, they're approaching all sortsa hot."

Pershing slid in between the two of them and took the sighting scope from the CPO. He looked through it for a moment before quirking his lips to the side, "Wake 'em up. That's our pickup... son of a bitch I told him this was a bad idea," The MCO muttered.

"Aye, sir." Isaac said, rolling up and rousing the men.


"I really don't care how bad of an idea you think this was, Ila. You can bitch at me when we get back to the ship? I'll god damned rock paper scissors you for away missions from now on okay? Best two out of three!" Joe yelled over the scream of the small hovercars engines and the heavy fire coming from MuRiel's weapons. Getting her in had been a task... hopefully the owner of this car would understand their need to rip the top off of the car... and steal it in the first place.

While she had always been taught that killing living, sentient beings was in its essence wrong and while she was a herbivorous species, MuRiel couldn't help but ruminate on the fact that she found exploding Ferengi inherently comical. Maybe it was the - ... enthusiasm with which they went *splud* upon impact of one of the, frankly way overpowered, charged particle streams from her rifle, maybe it was simply because these were Ferengi to begin with, but ...



It was a good thing she didn't have push-to-talk pressed down when she giggled. And she figured she'd go to hell - or whatever passed for a one for Qwi - for this when her time came, but until then she figured that the fact that these Ferengi were trying to -


- kill her right back made it ok. It was a good thing the additional armor plates were actual armor and Ferengi hand-held disruptors weren't very effective against it, or she would've been toast long before. Fortunately though, the broad frame of her up-armored mech proved a functional shield for Ila and Joe.

*POW!* .....

Aww, she'd missed.

"Try to keep it steady!" yelled Cortez from the massively scrunched up front passenger seat of the battered hover car. To make accommodations to the mech meant sacraficing the micro slice of a backseat, the entire rear of the car and much of what was politely termed of the front seat. In fact, the seats had been ripped out by a set of massive metal hands, leaving a very little perch for the two humanoids to work with.

Ila was facing backwards with her knee pressed against the comfort ledge of the door, one hand gripped around a ridge on Muriel's armor for support and the other attempting to keep a steady bead on the horde of pursuers swarming after them. She wasn't particularly in range for good damage-
-And Rhimer's steering made accuracy all but non-existent-
-The unbelievable swampy mix of oppressive humidity and ungodly heat was making her hair stick to her face and shoulders, creep into her mouth even though she'd tucked it into her jacket-
-And DAMNIT she hated Ferenginar! So lord knew she'd keep on firing instead because they were *not* going to go down like this!

"I see the forward camp! And don't shoot the Ferengi from the enforcement bureau! Only target the black market thugs!" Joe yelled back to Ila and MuRiel, after seeing a phaser blast narrowly miss one of the Ferengi cops behind them.

"Pershing is going to murder me for this," Joe muttered to himself.


"I am going to murder that son of a bitch for this," Pershing groused as he hefted a phaser rifle up and took aim.

"Where's your sense of adventure, sir?" Isaac asked, falling in beside him and taking aim as well.

"I left it in my other uniform," Pershing replied.

"Looks like we've got Ferengi Enforcement Bureau and... thugs, I guess... Chasing the bossman. They're not tagging the F.E.B. vehicles, so I'm assuming we're trying to get out of this and keep the peace."

"Target the unmarked skimmers, then. Open fire!" Pershing ordered.


A sudden rain of phaser fire exploded from the Marine camp, slamming into the thug's cars and showering sparks down onto the ground below. A few hit true and the vehicles lurched forward, smashing into the ground and surrounding buildings.

"Woohoo! The cavalry has arrived!" Joe cheered.

"Correction, we've arrived at the - "


"- cavalry! ... And not a bloody moment too soon. I'm running out of charge on my rifle!" MuRiel exclaimed, the armor on the front of her mech singed and pitted from incoming fire.

Joe didn't say anything, he just juked the skimmer into a tight turn and zeroed in on the center of the phaser fire, blazing forward at high-speed. There only hope of survival was the get into the blaze of blaster fire from the Marine's and hope that they could assemble, mobilize, and move out before the Ferengi caught them.


"He's barreling straight toward us," Pershing said, in awe of the stupidity he was witnessing.

"I'm aware of that, sir," Isaac replied.

"Straight frakking for us, Isaac..."

"I did notice that that seems to be the case," Isaac said, still popping off shots.

"He's going to bring the whole damn lot of them right down on top of us," Pershing said, idly firing shots at the approaching horde.

"That seems the be the plan."

"He's INSANE!" Pershing gasped, picking up his rapid rate of fire once again.

"If you're only noticing that now, you haven't been paying attention."


"Hold on tight! Here we go!" Joe called over the cacophony of noise that was encompassing them. He tipped the skimmer into a tight dive, headed straight for the middle of the base camp.

The skimmer hit the ground with an angry screech, but at an angle that wouldn't toss out any of its passengers. Joe hopped out and called over to Pershing, "Take down both skimmers, but don't hurt the FEB officers!"

With a firm nod, Pershing opened fire with his men, catching vital points in the armor of the pursuant skiffs. The thugs went down first, in an impressive explosion, followed by the F.E.B skiff, crashing with a thud and few fireworks into the ground below. The Ferengi on board were hurt, no doubt, but they'd live.

"Good job, pack it up, let's get out of here!" Joe called, snatching up a bag of gear nearby and turning to go... before being doused in a hot white search light and deafened by the sudden roar of air speeder engines.

"Cease and desist. Put your hands up and drop your weapons. This is the Frenengi Enforcement Bureau." A voice boomed over a loud speaker.

"Shit..." Joe muttered, dropping the bag and raising his hands with a sheepish grin.


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